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SXU hosts Media Summer Camp -- June 25 - 29


Saint Xavier University (SXU) will host a Student Media Summer Camp for radio broadcasting this summer. The camp is open to incoming high school freshmen through graduating seniors. Students will learn about broadcasting and program their own radio broadcasts while in the program. Tuition for camp is $150 per student, students can dress casually and are asked to bring a bag lunch Monday-Thursday. Lunch will be provided Friday.

Media Summer Camp

The Media Summer Camp offers students the unique opportunity to program their own radio broadcasts. They will have full access to WXAV offices and equipment and participate in sessions with media industry professionals, along with SXU communications professors, staff and students. After participating in the camp, students will be able to describe and identify broadcasting terminology, skills, and ethical concerns and produce original work in broadcasting. This camp will run June 25 - 29 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day.

Register today for the Student Media Summer Camp by filling out the online form and the required SXU Summer Camp Health Form.*

*Required Health Form

A parent/guardian must also fill out and send in our SXU Summer Camp Health Form for any summer camp or program. This form must be completed and returned to Auxiliary Services at least one week prior to the start of camp. Please fill out one form per participant. SXU Summer Camp Health Forms should be emailed to Linda Moreno, director of Auxiliary Services, at morenoFREESXU.

For more information about this camp, please contact Peter Kreten at 773-298-3375 or pkretenFREESXU.