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SXU student-athlete strives for excellence in business


Saint Xavier University (SXU) is proud to have so many student athletes who help diversify the environment on campus and bring a great approach to balancing academics and athletics. Elizabeth "Liz" Brzezinski, student athlete, brings a much-needed competitive edge to campus, both on and off the field.

A Tinley Park native, Brzezinski has been a member of the SXU Softball team for three seasons. SXU has afforded her the opportunity to continue playing the sport she loves while receiving a top-notch business education at the Graham School of Management. Although the task of managing both a full-time athletic and academic schedule can be daunting, Brzezinski faces the challenge head-on.

Brzezinski is proud to be a member of a team that acts more like a family than just teammates. This type of dynamic has helped her transition into playing college softball and has made her time with the team something that she will never forget. Brzezinski is thrilled with the success they have found during her time at SXU so far and looks forward to their upcoming season.

"My favorite thing about being on the softball team is that when we have practice or games we are having fun, no matter what we are doing," said Brzezinski. "We are a family."

There is no doubt that SXU Softball has made a significant impact on Brzezinski's journey through college. She hopes to leave a similar mark on her past, current and future teammates by embracing the game's challenges and always being a team player.

When she is not on the field, Brzezinski can be found studying for her numerous business classes. A dedicated student, she is almost always working on some aspect of an upcoming group project. These tasks allow her to think about target markets, branding and the critical impact that social media has on a business, while also making recommendations for areas companies could improve their marketing plan. As a third-year marketing major, she feels as though she is falling into a good place with her studies and looks forward to where marketing will take her in the future.

"My plan after graduation is to get a job in marketing and start climbing up the ladder from there, once I start working at a good company," said Brzezinski.

For now, Brzezinski is content with both her studies and softball career and plans focusing on getting the most out of the rest of her college experience.

"SXU lets me do both," said Brzezinski. "It allows me to get a degree and lets me play the sport I love."

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Thanks, Liz! SXU is grateful for your dedication to athletics and academics and cannot wait to see what you do in the future!