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SXU student leaders presented at the NACURH conference


On May 24-May 28, the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and Residence Life sent seven SXU student leaders to Arizona State University, Tempe to attend the annual national conference for the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH).

To learn more about these sessions, the short descriptions have been provided below. The conference theme is "Broadway" and the program sessions were developed to align with that theme.

  • Caitlin Ross (presenting 2 sessions):
    • "Hakuna Matata" -- information about reducing stress following the hands-on creation of a Worry Pet.
    • "Bullet Journals" -- learning to organize all aspects of their life through the creation and personalization of their own bullet journal, learning more about organization and how to be a successful student leader.
  • Eli Morales -- "Tech Week: It's really the entire school year" -- ways to combat low energy and how to re-instill passion to ourselves and our peers.
  • Tori Wilson -- "Elsa's Guide to Letting it Go!" -- a guide to learning healthy ways to deal with stress, especially through meditation.
  • Jose Tinajero (presenting 2 sessions):
    • "Born This Way" -- promoting self-love and self-acceptance, while designing a personal pin with something that makes their pin uniquely their own and brings them closer to self-acceptance.
    • "Your Leadership Playbill Presented By: You!" -- an opportunity to make their own Leadership Playbill with notes about their current leadership skills and leadership skills they would like to have.
  • Monica Justice -- "It's a Hard Knock College Life!" -- keeping a healthy lifestyle and learning the basics to maintain a healthy mind and body.
  • Rene Haskins -- "The Cursed Child: Casting Reducto on Heteronormativity" -- learning about the damaging effects of heteronormativity in our culture, our media, and on our campuses and how you can fight back against it.
  • Annette Carreon -- "Shining a Light on First Generation College Residents" -- understanding first generation residents at our universities a little better.

At this conference, more than 2,500 student leaders gathered. We are proud that our delegation presented an incredible nine sessions at the conference!