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Graham School Hosts Support Training Program for Chicago Police Department


Saint Xavier University's (SXU) Graham School of Management helped sponsor a week-long class December 10 to 14 for new Chicago Police Department Employee Assistant Program peer support members.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free, voluntary and confidential program that provides employees and their families valuable resources for support and information during difficult times, such as problem identification, counseling and referral services. Chicago's EAP also works with Fire Department employees. SXU's own Al Ferriera -- the University's Police Academy liaison and current MBA candidate -- will be taking over as manager of the EAP this month.

Hosted in the Graham School of Management's Rubloff Hall, Ferriera helped co-lead this training program for twenty new peer support members. Peer support officers are sworn members of the CPD who help other officers and their families in times of tragedy, such as suicide or line-of-duty deaths. Officers can see many horrific things and their families are often deeply concerned for their safety. The unique points of stress that law enforcement personnel are exposed to is why the Employee Assistance Program and peer support members come into play.

SXU is proud of its many students and alumni who take up these opportunities to make an impact in the community. Helping to organize and run programs such as the CPD Employee Assistant Program's peer support training is directly in line with SXU's Mercy mission, making for a better community and lasting relationships.