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SXU Celebrates National Transfer Student Week


Saint Xavier University (SXU) will kick off National Transfer Student Week by helping students celebrate their transfer stories. From October 21-25, the Transfer Student Services Center at SXU invites Cougars to come together and feel a sense of community.

SXU welcomes over 450 transfer students each academic year. This diverse set of students includes returning adults, athletes and servicemembers. Coming to SXU from a variety of two- and four-year universities, these students receive a personalized approach to the transfer process at SXU. Students will receive guidance and be exposed to social events, volunteer opportunities and a mentorship program.

Brian Hotzfield, assistant vice president of Enrollment Management, Student Development and Student Success, explains that Saint Xavier University is committed to providing a smooth transition and a valuable educational experience for transfer students. Hotzfield said, "I transferred to SXU many years ago to complete my degree, so I have experience on both sides of the desk. I can personally attest to the services and opportunities available for transfer students at SXU."

A major benefit for transfer students is the simplicity of the transition. A student can come to campus, be admitted, have their transcripts evaluated, and meet with an academic advisor and financial aid counselor all in one day.

Lashaunta Moore, a Media Communication senior who transferred to SXU in the fall of 2018, describes her experience as easy, commending the way she was prioritized and guided as a transfer student. "Since the first day I started at SXU, I've felt like this is where I belong," Moore said. As a graduate with an associate's degree, all of Moore's credits were transferable, allowing her to start as a junior.

The transfer process is also available online and easy to navigate. Through strong academic programs and generous financial aid opportunities, transfer counselors work with prospective students to provide personalized attention. Full-time transfer students are eligible for scholarships ranging from $10,000 to $18,000 per academic year, and some are eligible for additional aid based on financial need or talent in areas like art, athletics and music.

As of spring, the university addressed the need for a designated space for transfer students. The Transfer Student Services Center (TSSC) is students' point of contact for a smooth transition to SXU. Tau Sigma, the national honors society for transfer students, is also housed in the TSSC.

With a new space and a commitment to leadership and service, the Transfer Student Services Center and Tau Sigma will celebrate National Student Transfer Week by holding a bake sale, serving breakfast, helping students create care packages for the troops, and hosting Pizza with the President. SXU President Laurie M. Joyner, Ph.D., will meet with transfer students and listen and reflect on the ways transfer students impact the SXU community.

 Visit the calendar for more information on National Student Transfer Week, or contact the Transfer Student Services Center at 773-298-3507.