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SXU to Celebrate Scholarly Work at 2019 Research Expo


The Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Initiative (SFCRI) reflects Saint Xavier University's (SXU) commitment to excellence in teaching, learning and scholarship. To celebrate the many ongoing scholarly contributions made by students, faculty and staff from all across the University, SXU will host its second research exposition and reception from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Shannon Center on Tuesday, March 5. The purpose of the expo is to encourage student-faculty teams to engage in meaningful work while also providing an opportunity to address meaningful research questions.

"Involving students in research is a great opportunity for them to work alongside faculty and contribute to the knowledge in our disciplines," said Angela Pirlott, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychology. "It's also an opportunity that is all but required for students looking to go to graduate school, especially Ph.D. programs. Many of our students who have collaborated with faculty in research have gone on to further their education."

Each year, funding is available on a competitive basis to expand student-faculty collaborative research in a way that appropriately recognizes and rewards faculty leaders for their extraordinary work with students outside the classroom. Funding may be used to conduct research, engage in community-based projects, conduct fieldwork or produce the creative equivalent in the arts. The Research Expo is a perfect opportunity to not only explain to others how this work is achieved but also gives offers a chance to others to find inspiration for future projects. Students, faculty and staff from all across the University -- both part of the SFCRI and on their own -- have the chance to show off all their hard work while enjoying refreshments and celebrating their peers' achievements.

"This is a chance to celebrate the scholarly contributions of our faculty, staff and students," said Julia Wiester, Ph.D., assistant professor of chemistry. "These events occur at the same time as the March Board of Trustees meeting and allows for everyone to meet and learn about these engaging projects."

Last year marked the first Research Expo at SXU and saw an astounding turnout from all across campus, drawing awe and enthusiasm from all levels of University leadership including SXU President Laurie M. Joyner. The 2019 event is open to the public and all members of the SXU community and its neighbors are invited to attend. SXU is proud of the continued work achieved by its students, faculty and staff and is beyond excited to see what further projects and research they undertake in the future.

For more information, contact any member of the Research Expo Committee: Angela Pirlott at pirlottFREESXU%2C Nathan Peck at peckFREESXU%2C Julia Wiester at wiesterFREESXU or Gina Rossetti at rossettiFREESXU.