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SXU's Vanderhyde and Al Saeed Present at Fall Conferences


Saint Xavier University (SXU) is proud to have been represented during the 2018 fall semester at a number of conferences by computer science faculty members James Vanderhyde, Ph.D., and Imad Al Saeed, DCS.

Vanderhyde presented his research at the CCSC Midwest Conference in late September and the CCSC Eastern Conference in mid-October. The first presentation was a project regarding how much assistance to give students when assigning homework problems. The main result was that giving too much assistance actually hinders the learning process. Essentially, Vanderhyde's research showed that students need to work through problems to receive the benefit. The second presentation was about an assignment in which students had to construct and implement database queries to display leaderboards in a videogame.

Al Saeed presented his research at the CCSC Central Plain Conference in April, the CCSC Midwest Conference in September and the CCSC Eastern Conference in October. The April presentation was about examining the problems instructors currently face in teach the Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) programming model, the weaknesses of the traditional teaching techniques and the difficulties students encounter with the traditional instructional methods. The September presentation examined the effectiveness of interactive animated courseware along with traditional teaching methods to teach CUDA courses at universities in the United States and investigated the possibility of having animated CUDA courseware accessible online for free. The final presentation encouraged United States universities to offer CUDA courses as one of the main courses within computer science departments.

SXU is proud of the ongoing hard work and research performed by its dedicated faculty and staff members and look forward to seeing their continued advancements in the 2019 spring semester.