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SXU Hosts Luncheon for Local Catholic Principals


Saint Xavier University (SXU) has a long and successful history preparing individuals for careers in teaching, administration and counseling in both public and private school as well as placing high priority on school-university partnerships. In line with that ongoing dedication to its students and communities, SXU hosted 15 principals from local Catholic elementary schools for a Principal's Luncheon in the Butler Reception Room on Friday, May 3.

The purpose of the gathering was to hear from local education leaders and learn how SXU might effectively partner with schools to use funds provided in the Driehaus Endowment to make available expertise and mentoring in school finances, academic programs utilizing best practices, fundraising and marketing.

"We are so delighted to have this opportunity to host these principals and open discussions for how we can continue to support one another," said SXU Provost James MacLaren.

During the luncheon, discussion touched on a wide range of topics and areas in which SXU might be able to offer assistance, support and mentorships to the local Catholic elementary schools. Among the critical areas the principals agreed on were professional workshops to help continuously develop teachers’ skills, conferences hosted at SXU featuring expert speakers, internships at local schools where SXU students could offer support and guidance in the evolving areas of website design and social media and parent education workshops.

“To be here brainstorming progressive ways to partner with SXU is truly a gift to us principals,” said Michelle Nitsche, principal of St. Cajetan School. “I hope this this is the start of a relationship that supports local school development and student advancement.”