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SXU's Indranil Ghosh Published in the Journal of Mathematical Finance


Saint Xavier University's Indranil Ghosh, associate professor in the Graham School of Management (GSM), co-authored an article entitled "Referenda and the Provision of a Binary Public Good" published in the Journal of Mathematical Finance.

In referenda, projects are approved if the support for the project exceeds a particular threshold or quota. The article explores the usual threshold that is the requirement of majority support and provides a theoretical analysis of referenda with different threshold quotas for the provision of a binary public good.

Ghosh earned his Ph.D. in economics from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas in 2000. He primarily teaches MBA students in the Managerial Economics class and undergraduate Money and Banking classes. He is the chair of the Division of Accounting and Finance and is a current member of the GSM Executive Committee. He has been the chair of the Assurance of Learning Committee since 2013 and was responsible for overhauling, streamlining and organizing the GSM Assessment process during the 2013-14 academic year.