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SXU Offers Master of Science in Medical Sciences Program


In 2018, over 221,662 college graduates competed for 50,000 first-year allopathic medical school seats. Competition for osteopathic medical programs, dental schools and other health care professional schools is also steep. While some students begin medical school immediately after graduating from college, the majority of students in health care programs take a year or more to further develop their academic, professional and personal qualifications before applying. There are many ways to invest in your individual development during these years.

Saint Xavier University is here to help you demonstrate to professional health care programs that you have the academic ability to succeed and thrive in their rigorous curricula. In just one year, the Master of Science in Medical Sciences (MSMS) degree will allow you to further develop and enhance your academic record to prepare you to apply, or reapply, to these programs. SXU's transformational learning system includes everything you need to succeed:

  • Experience a curriculum equivalent to the first year of medical school to give you the knowledge to perform better on admissions tests and to succeed in your first year of professional school.
  • Spend class time working through real clinical scenarios, allowing you and your peers to see firsthand how what you are learning is applied in actual health care delivery.
  • Gain access to performance analytics, which will provide you with customized knowledge-gap reporting. This tool will allow students to identify trouble areas and will provide real-time reporting on whether a student has mastered each topic and learning outcome.
  • Receive supportive and individualized professional advising in an environment that encourages intellectual and personal growth.

Upon graduating from this program, you will apply to professional schools with the confidence of knowledge, experience and higher admission exam scores. Saint Xavier University aids you even more by guaranteeing a medical school entry interview with Ponce Health Sciences University, an M.D. program in Ponce, Puerto Rico, to the top 20 percent of the class. Additional affiliation agreements with professional health care programs are being actively pursued to help our graduates have a smooth transition into their program of choice.

Turn your dream of becoming a health care professional into reality! For information about admission requirements, please contact the Office of Graduate Admission at 773-298-3053. Apply online today!