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SXU Students and Faculty Presented at Midwestern Psychological Association Conference


Saint Xavier University (SXU) is delighted to have been represented by a number of students and faculty at the 2019 Midwestern Psychological Association Conference.

The purpose of the 91st Annual MPA Conference held in April of 2019 was to share research from across all areas of psychology. The annual gathering regularly features invited addresses and talks from leading psychologists across the United States, papers and posters dealing with a wide range of topics in current psychological science, workshops addressing the teaching of psychology, research methods, discussion groups and more.

SXU showed enthusiastic participation in the 2019 conference with psychology students and faculty presenting on a wide range of topics:

  • Hillary Aguilar-Ruano and Carissa Broadbridge: Qualitative Analysis of Trauma Event Narratives: Event Valence and Emotionality Factors as Predictors of PTSD, Rumination and PTG
  • Hillary Aguilar-Ruano, Katarina Schexnayder and Angela Pirlott: Sexual Orientation Hate Crimes in Response to Disease Outbreaks
  • Josephine Audiffred and Carissa Broadbridge: An Examination of the Influence of Serial Position on False Recall and Recognition
  • Jennetta Dunbar and Carissa Broadbridge: Does the 30 Million Word Gap Influence Event Recall? The Relationship between SES, Vocabulary and Autobiographical Memories from Childhood
  • Gabriel Escudero, Ciara Nichols and Angela Pirlott: Does Perceived Loss of Fitness Explain Sadness Toward LGB Offspring?
  • Ciara Nichols, Gabriel Escudero and Angela Pirlott: Does LGBs' reproductive history influence prejudices from family members?
  • Ciara Nichols, Gabriel Escudero and Angela Pirlott: LGB's Perceptions of Family Members' Reactions to "Coming Out"
  • Denise Sandoval and Carissa Broadbridge: Changing Individuals' Interpretations of Past Events: The Effects of Time and Mood on Memory Valence
  • Katarina Schexnayder, Hillary Aguilar-Ruano and Angela Pirlott: Prevalence of HIV predicts legal eradication of same-sex sexual behavior