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SXU's Dean of GSM Invited to Serve on Advisory and Editorial Boards


Saint Xavier University's (SXU) Mark Rosenbaum, Ph.D., dean of the Graham School of Management (GSM), has recently been invited to serve on a conference advisory board for the 17th International Research Symposium Excellence in Management (QUIS 17) and to join the editorial advisory board for Psychology and Marketing, a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

QUIS 17 is a leading conference intended for professionals to share and advance the state of the art in theory and practice through presentation and discussion of scholarly research and successful business strategies, as well as promote the improvement of service qualities. Rosenbaum's role will include publicizing the event, guiding its research direction and providing valuable feedback from his years of leading marketing conferences. "It's important that we as researchers come together as a family to gauge where we are and to ascertain where future research areas will be," said Rosenbaum.

Having already published two articles for Psychology and Marketing, Rosenbaum has a fond connection with the journal, which joins psychological theory with consumer behavior. Rosenbaum, who is an EAB: Education Technology, Services and Research member, finds that being part of the editorial advisory board is an opportunity to guide research ensure quality and help the editor further develop the journal.

Though some of Rosenbaum's goals have been impacted by COVID-19, he continues to cite his primary goal as being able to lead the GSM through situations that may arise due to COVID, and his participation in field opportunities will enhance his contributions. He also plans to ensure that GSM adheres to new AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) 2020 accreditation standards, which will add practical perspectives to GSM instruction. "I'd like to build closer relations with my Business Advisory Council and GSM alumni to ensure our curriculum is helping students obtain meaningful employment," said Rosenbaum.

Rosenbaum and the GSM faculty remain flexible while waiting for further information to arise about how COVID-19 may impact the next semester. "We do not know which stage of crisis we will be in next semester, but as of now, instructors envision that classes may be flipped, so they'll use online teaching for posting lectures and in-person class time for completing assignments or group discussions. We'll also all be working on curriculum and assurance of learning improvements to ensure we adhere to the AACSB 2020 standards," said Rosenbaum, who encourages GSM faculty to stay active in the field as a strategy for meeting the demands of COVID-19.

Rosenbaum also encourages students who are interested in being more involved in the field to meet with him to discuss opportunities. As a dean, Rosenbaum finds that his roles are multifaceted, as he is dedicated to helping students succeed in the service economy and passionate about his research. "I lead by example and remain committed to ensuring that I intellectually contribute to the services marketing discipline. When it comes to research opportunities students can be involved in, they should simply ask by working with me and their professors!" said Rosenbaum.

Rosenbaum plans to stay active in continuing his own education well into the future. "The AACSB warrants that scholarly academics remain committed to creating knowledge. This is where my origins reside. I encourage faculty to engage in intellectual research, to never stop learning and to be active in their disciplines," said Rosenbaum.

"As Catherine McAuley states, 'Show your instructions in action as much as you can.' We must be active in our fields, active in the classroom and active in our lives. We will have plenty of time to rest at the end of our lives, so let's be involved today."