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GSM Joins RRBM Network


Saint Xavier University's (SXU) Graham School of Management (GSM) has joined the Responsible Research in Business and Management (RRBM) network. RRBM is dedicated to inspiring, encouraging and supporting credible and useful research in the business and management disciplines with a vision to contribute to societal well-being. The research done through RRBM has helped students, organizations and communities of all kinds to develop effective systems leading to high and responsible economic performance, great innovations, positive employee and customer well-being, a thriving natural environment and strong communities.

As part of RRBM, GSM faculty and students will have the opportunity to participate in conferences, networking, research on special issues and continuing education. Members can also contribute to scholarly research endeavors that have the potential to transform individual, communal, national and even global welfare. Membership in RRBM sends a clear message to faculty and prospective students that GSM supports impactful research.

"As educators, we have the ability and the call to contribute to well-being. However, we often fail to do so. Many schools grade scholarship on a limited top journal checklist, but it should be assessed on its ability to support life," said Mark Rosenbaum, Ph.D., dean of GSM.

By joining RRBM, GSM expresses a commitment to adhere to the organization's tenets. Although it's a relatively new organization, Rosenbaum (along with several other marketing researchers) created the transformative service research paradigm about a decade ago to engage in research endeavors that promote consumer welfare through service activities.

"One of my most memorable articles involved storytelling about becoming Reiki-certified and then administering Reiki to women who were fighting breast cancer. The study was published in a nursing journal. Every research article is an opportunity to contribute to the common good. I already accepted RRBM's tenets before they were even codified – to engage in research that is good for the world," said Rosenbaum.

As part of GSM classes and within online forums, Rosenbaum discusses research articles and works with many students on transformative research projects, including understanding internet addictions or learning via reality television programming. He believes students benefit from understanding how their instructors engage in research that helps create a better world, which is a critical part of SXU's Mercy mission.

Rosenbaum hopes that as part of RRBM, more GSM faculty will engage in societally-impactful research and looks forward to engaging with faculty and students in research that strives to respect, uphold and improve life and human welfare. "Our goals as a Mercy institution are directly tied to RRBM; we seek to improve the common good by way of educational and scholarly endeavors."