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SXU Holds 20th Annual Honors Program Senior Symposium


Saint Xavier University (SXU) recently hosted its 20th annual Honors Program Senior Symposium. Each year, the symposium showcases independent research conducted by Honors senior for their capstone projects. Students research under the direction of a faculty mentor and the senior project coordinators, Kathleen Alaimo, Ph.D., and Mary Beth Tegan, Ph.D.

Students participating in the symposium have an opportunity to execute a research or creative project of significant scope related to their major or program, which culminates in a substantial written paper and public presentation. Projects addressed research across a variety of academic disciplines, including natural sciences, nursing, communication, business, education, criminal justice, art and philosopgy.

"The senior project promotes intellectual and creative growth, a sense of personal accomplishment gained through rigorous and independent work. The experience also provides rigorous preparation for challenges of graduate or professional school and for the demands of future careers. We are so proud of the students and the work they did throughout the year. What started as a small seed of ideas grew and blossomed into well-developed, rigorous scholarly projects," said Julia Wiester, Ph.D., Honors Program director.

"I am so proud of the Honors seniors who presented the results of their yearlong research and creative projects at the annual Honors Symposium. This year's projects ranged across the disciplines and tackled issues in health care, ethics and philosophy, criminal justice, art, communication, education, and the sciences. Starting with sometimes vague ideas mixed with a lot of passion, these Honors students engaged in laboratory research, survey research, analytical research and creative artistry. They found their disciplinary voices and effectively communicated the significance of their projects to a broad audience. This is what excellence in learning looks like!" added Alaimo. 

Check out the list of Honors scholars and their incredible projects! 

Studies in the Natural Sciences

Honors Scholar: Huguette I. Clemente

Project: Biochemical Studies of 4,4-Dimethoxychalcone on Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase-1ß: Implications for Prostate Cancer

Honors Scholar: John T. Draper

Project: Medicinal Oils: Do Natural Oils Inhibit the Growth of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Honors Scholar: Bridget J. Giblin

Project: Wine Drinkers, Caffeine Lovers, and Nicotine Addicts: Your Odds of Getting Alzheimer’s Disease

Honors Scholar: Holly Ramos

Project: Science-Driven Art: Manipulating Transmitted Light and Color for Application in the Fine Arts

Honors Scholar: Yasmeen O. Sawalha

Project: The Genetic Response of Arabidopsis Thaliana to Environmental Stress: The Function of Unknown Genes

Honors Scholar: London C. Wimberly

Project: Symbiosis between Aiptasia and Symbiodinium: Exploring Genetic Level Effects of Environmental Changes on Coral Reefs

Honors Scholar: Tamryn Jordan

Project: How Much is Too Much? Calcium Oxalate Exposure in Small Animals

Studies in Nursing

Honors Scholar: Elizabeth Martinez

Project: Why are you so stressed? Undergraduate Nursing Students’ Stress Factors and Stress Management

Honors Scholar: Sarah Nori

Project: Analyzing Nursing Students’ Psychosocial Effects and Coping Mechanisms During the Pandemic

Honors Scholar: Justin Keefe Arcenal

Project: Fostering Improved Health Literacy for Student Nurses Regarding Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Through the Use of Visual Aids

Honors Scholar: Alexa Diaz

Project: What Procedures of Intervention are Used in Hospitals to Prevent CAUTI and What Barriers Exist to Perfect Compliance?

Honors Scholar: Brianna Rodriguez

Project: The Role of Nurses in Intimate Partner Violence Screening: Barriers and Interventions

Honors Scholar: Caitlyn J. Solomon

Project: Exploring the Preparedness of Nurses in their Role as Mandated Reporters of Child Abuse

Honors Scholar: Ewelina Bryja

Project: Healthcare Disparities in Obstetrics: Preparing Undergraduate Nursing Students to Care for Vulnerable Mothers

Honors Scholar: Enrique Muñoz

Project: Disparities in Accessing Quality Healthcare: What Bridges and Barriers do Hispanic Undocumented Immigrants Face in Chicago?

Studies in Communication, Business and Education

Honors Scholar: Natalie Rose Davidson

Project: Professional Sports Teams’ Instagram Branding Towards Gen Z

Honors Scholar: Peter Naber

Project: Corporate Culture and Internal Auditors: A “Gray Zone” of Accounting

Honors Scholar: Marci J. Mills

Project: Challenging Kindergarten Pedagogy: E-Learning Arrives, But Is It Here to Stay?

Studies in Criminal Justice, Art and Philosophy

Honors Scholar: Anissa C. Figaro

Project: The Art of a Flawed System: An Examination of Criminal Justice Issues Through the Creative Lens of Cartooning

Honors Scholar: Angela A. Marquez

Project: The Art of Mental Health: De-stigmatization and Normalization of Mental Illness

Honors Scholar: Brendan J. Siemiawski

Project: The Distinction between Knowledge and Wisdom: How Philosophy Can Act as a Safeguard against the Primacy of the Sciences