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SXU Holds Annual Research Expo


Saint Xavier University (SXU) recently held the annual Research Expo, which honors and celebrates the scholarly work of faculty, staff and students. Participants conducted research, engaged in peer-reviewed conference presentations or posters, developed reports and produced creative elements across a span of research areas including human behavioral sciences, natural sciences, creative works, humanities and clinical research. Each project was outstanding and played a part in helping Saint Xavier advance its mission.

 The Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Initiative reflects Saint Xavier University's leadership commitment to excellence in teaching, learning and scholarship, and the student-faculty teams of the expo engage in meaningful work while also providing an opportunity to address research questions and contribute to the intellectual life of campus.

Check out the awe-inspiring work of our students and faculty mentors below, and keep an eye out for upcoming news stories on Outstanding Project winners from the Research Expo!


Research Expo Scholar: Sarah Sobeck (student)

Project: Conversations with the Older Adult


Research Expo Scholars: Lauren Banicki (student) and Angela Pirlott (faculty)

Project: More than skin deep?


Research Expo Scholar: Amr Alshatnawi               

Project: Facilitating Heliophysics Data Discovery with Cloud Collaboration: Development for the HSO Connect Program


Research Expo Scholars: Kayla Krull (student) and James Bender (faculty)

Project: Emotional Interference on Memory Recollection


Research Expo Scholars: Deya Abdulrahman (student) and Sharada Buddha (faculty)

Project: Hypothyroidism and its effect on cardiovascular function


Research Expo Scholars: Sarah Nori (student) and Zepure Samawi (faculty)

Project: Analyzing the Negative Psychosocial Impacts and Coping Mechanisms of 2021 Pandemic Experienced Nursing Students


Research Expo Scholars: Shadah Alsheikh (student), Karen Czarnik (faculty) and William Sennett (faculty

Project: Gender and Ethnic Issues in Communication Sciences and Disorders


Research Expo Scholar: Anna Gąsienica Byrcyn (faculty)

Project: Polish Language Literature and Culture


Research Expo Scholars: Eniola Oyefeso (student), Mercedes Cichocki (student), Rick Monzon (faculty) and Randolph Krohmer (faculty)

Project: Association of Sinophiln Expression and Dendritic Spine Formation in Brains of Hormone Treated Red-Sided Garter Snakes


Research Expo Scholars: Anne Gust (student), Deanna Loughran (student) and Mary Tiberg (faculty)

Project: The Experience of COVID-19 and the Amplified Risk Factors for Depression in Older Adults


Research Expo Scholars: Arielle Arboleda  (student), Brandon Thomas (student), Emica Quigley (student), Itzel Murillo (student), Stephanie Palmer (student) Jasmine Verduzco (student), Kathleen Janiga (student), Saleena Trejo (student), Zepure Samawai (faculty)

Project: Women's Health Promotion and Preventative Care: Physical and Mental Health Screening


Research Expo Scholar: Charlene Bermele (faculty)

Project: Steps to Enhance Spanish Medical Terminology Among Nursing Students


Research Expo Scholars: Mariah McCaskill (student), Amber Anderson (student), Kathryn Adams (student), Dominique Arcieri (student), Erin Cooke (student), Denise Love (student), Jacqueline Morales (student), Moyinoluwa Sogbaike (student) and Zepure Samawi (faculty)

Project: Heart Healthy Lifestyle


Research Expo Scholars: Cherith Clottey (student), Catherine Ruggie Saunders (faculty) and Nathan Peck (faculty)

Project: Untitled


Research Expo Scholars: Bridget Giblin (student) and Bindhu Alappat (faculty)

Project: Wine drinkers, caffeine lovers and nicotine addicts: your odds of getting Alzheimer’s Disease


Research Expo Scholars: Gisselle Gonzalez (student), Braulio Olmedo (student) and Liane Cochran-Stafira (faculty)

Project: Does the Sarracenia purpurea inquiline community demonstrate competition and an intraguild processing chain commensalism?


Research Expo Scholars: Amr Alshatnawi (student), Alejandra Lopez (student), Daniel Carabez (student) and Karlee Barr (student)

Project: Project PARKA


Research Expo Scholars: Yasmeen Sawalha (student), Ricardo Monzon (faculty) and Tatiana Tatum (faculty)

Project: The genetic response of Arabidopsis Thaliana to environmental stress: the characterization of unknown genes


Research Expo Scholars: Yasmeen Sawalha (student) and Meilin Huang (faculty)

Project: Students' Mutual Help and its Relationship to Academic Performance


Research Expo Scholars: Jorie Pudil (student) and Miriam Carroll-Alfano (faculty)

Project: Treatments Used for Maintenance of Speech and Voice in Persons with Parkinson's Disease


Research Expo Scholars: David Simpson (student) and Nathan Peck (faculty)

Project: Project Tafari


Research Expo Scholars: Magdalena Saavedra (student) and Sharada Buddha (faculty)

Project: Bioremediation


Research Expo Scholars: Hasan Daik (student) and Sharada Buddha (faculty)

Project: The Connection Between Dentistry and Chemistry


Research Expo Scholars: Max Garcia (student) and Sharada Buddha (faculty)

Project: The Controlled Degradation of Triclosan: Using GC/MS to Determine the Degradation Products of the Antiseptic Triclosan


Research Expo Scholars: Gabriela Wuerfl (student), Imani Hill (student), Eniola Oyefeso (student) and Gregory DeGirolamo (faculty)

Project: Relationship between attention and long-term memory recall of locations: A preliminary analysis


Research Expo Scholars: Brittney M. Stano (student) and Liane Cochran-Stafira (faculty)

Project: Genetic diversity in a metapopulation of the bdelloid pitcher plant rotifer Habrotrocha rosa across multiple spatial and temporal scales


Research Expo Scholars: Marcella Herrera-Mariona (student) and Mary Tiberg (faculty)

Project: Alive with the Sound of Music


Research Expo Scholars: Cynthia Escobar (student), Bianca Salazar (student) and Liane Cochran-Stafira (faculty)

Project: Life history variations in a metapopulation of the bdelloid pitcher plant rotifer Habrotrocha rosa across multiple spatial and temporal scales


Research Expo Scholar: Liane Cochran-Stafira (faculty)

Project: Genetic architecture within and between metapopulations of the pitcher plant rotifer Habrotrocha rosa: isozyme analysis


Research Expo Scholars: Tamryn Jordan (student), Rick Monzon (faculty) and Tatiana Tatum (facuty)

Project: How Much is too Much? Calcium Oxalate Exposure in Small Animals


Research Expo Scholars: Makayla Coleman (student), Rick Monzon (faculty) and Tatiana Tatum (faculty)

Project: The Effects of Oxalic Acid on C. elegans


Research Expo Scholars: Renee Martin (student), Rick Monzon (faculty) and Tatiana Tatum (faculty)

Project: The Effects of Potassium and Sodium Oxalate on C. elegans


Research Expo Scholars: Karrington Albert (student), Rick Monzon (faculty) and Tatiana Tatum (faculty)

Project: The Effects of Plant Extract on C. elegans


Research Expo Scholars: Tatyanna Taylor (student) and Nathan Peck (faculty)

Project: Besides the Color of my Skin, Who am I?


Research Expo Scholars: Angela Marquez (student) and Nathan Peck (faculty)

Project: The Art of Mental Health


Research Expo Scholars: Emely L. Salgado-Huerta (student) and Nathan Peck (faculty)

Project: I am only human


Research Expo Scholars: Sabrina Dawud (student), Jeneen Zahdan (student) and Josephine Ebomoyi (faculty)

Project: Using 16sRNA Gene Amplification to Detect the Oral Microbiome in Saliva Before and After Mouthwash


Research Expo Scholars: Adrian Delgadillo-Silva (student) and Sharada Buddha (faculty)

Project: Effectiveness of Herbal Extracts as Arachidonate 15-Lipoxygenase inhibitors


Research Expo Scholars: John Draper (student) and Sharada Buddha (faculty)

Project: Medicinal Oils: Can natural oils inhibit the growth of ampicillin resistant E. coli?


Research Expo Scholars: Gabriela Nava (student) and Sharada Buddha (faculty)

Project: Melamine Contamination of Protein Powders


Research Expo Scholars: Huguette Clemente (student) and Sharada Buddha (faculty)

Project: Biochemical Studies of 4,4-dimethoxychalcone on Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase-1B: Implications for Prostate Cancer


Research Expo Scholars: Ryan Ahlberg (student), Adrian Delgadillo-Silva (student) and Sharada Buddha (faculty)

Project: Anti-Inflammatory effects of Salvia Apiana ethanol extracts by studying the inhibition of 15-lipoxygenase