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SXU Nursing Student Chooses Career for Life of Service


Saint Xavier University (SXU) nursing student Sara Matthews is excited to live a life of service, and every day she learns more about the nursing profession, she's confident she made the right choice.

Matthews chose SXU's nursing program because she consistently heard about its positive attributes, from how supportive the faculty is to how much SXU staff and faculty genuinely care about their students. Since beginning the program, she's experienced both educational and personal growth.

"My greatest achievement so far in the SXU nursing program is honestly just being able to finally be confident in my self and my abilities. With the help of the nursing faculty, I was finally able to overcome my impostor syndrome and realize that I belong here. I am absolutely meant to be a nurse," said Matthews.

Matthews knew that she wanted to be a nurse since the age of 12, when she began caring for her mother, who has multiple sclerosis (MS). As she watched the nurses in the hospital attend to her mother, she admired them and their hard work, and as she continues on in the nursing program, she feels certain she made the right choice because she is consistently excited to learn more.

"I wake up on the day of clinicals excited to take care of patients. I try to replicate the amazing nursing care that my mom received," said Matthews.

Part of that amazing care requires compassion, the SXU core value that Matthews is most fond of.

"During clinicals, I am consistently finding ways to be compassionate to patients. Whether it be giving little words of encouragement or holding their hands, I go out of my way to make them as comfortable and as confident in their care as possible," said Matthews.

Matthews finds that the information she is learning in her nursing courses is preparing her for everyday real-life nursing and appreciates the knowledge and advice professors provide, which she says can't be found in a textbook. She especially appreciates nursing professor Terry Miller, who aims to provide students with every possible advantage and opportunity.

"As a nurse, I hope to enter the workforce and make genuine changes in my community. I want to be able to help those who are unable to help themselves and make a difference in people's lives. I chose a profession of service because I always knew that I wanted to benefit the lives of others. I want to be able to make a difference," said Mathews.

In the future, Matthews plans to advance her education by pursuing a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner program and earning a doctor of nursing practice.