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SXU Football Coach Mike Feminis Named MSFA Midwest League Coach of the Year


Saint Xavier University (SXU) head football coach Mike Feminis has been named the MSFA Midwest League Coach of the Year for the ninth time while coaching with SXU. This year marks his sixth Midwest Coach of the Year win (2005, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022 and 2023) along with three Mideast Coach of the Year wins (2009, 2010 and 2012). 

"Any time you receive an award like this, it is truly a direct reflection of the accomplishments of our assistant coaches and players. They are the ones who deserve the credit, and I've been extremely fortunate for all these years to have outstanding players and dedicated coaches," Feminis said.  

In Feminis's 25th season as head coach, he's racked up accolades, including winning SXU's only NAIA National Championship in 2011 and capturing 12 Mid-States Football Association championships. While these accomplishments are demonstrative of Feminis's dynamic coaching, it's the impact made off the field with his current and former players that he cherishes the most.  

"Every coach likes to win, and I certainly do too, but it's really about the relationships built throughout the years with our alums. We have a very special situation at SXU where the guys have taken ownership of the program. They give back generously and support the program in so many ways, and for that, I'll always be greatly appreciative. What's neat to me is seeing them go on to be successful and become great husbands and fathers after graduating from SXU. We get together every winter for a casual night out and then have our annual golf outing in the spring. I always look forward to these two events because of the chance to catch up, share old stories, and have some laughs in the off-season,” Feminis said.  

Just as he has with every team he's coached in the past, Feminis has imprinted important words of wisdom onto the 2023 roster, including his SXU belief system, which preaches playing with a positive mindset -- no matter what happens throughout the course of a game --good or bad--, the team believes they will find a way to win.  

The 2023 Cougars have had a remarkable season with an 8-3 record, and as they head into the NAIA quarterfinals on December 2 against Northwestern College, Feminis is more than ready to lead his team to another national championship. 

"The first piece of advice I give the team is to enjoy the heck out of the experience, because only a very small percentage of college athletes at all levels have the opportunity to play in games like these. Secondly, I tell them they don't have to do anything extraordinary. Just focus on the task at hand, play one play at a time, and don't allow your emotions to get too high or too low throughout the course of the game. And if they play to their capability, they can beat anyone," Feminis said.