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SXU Student Publishes Collection of Poetry


Saint Xavier University (SXU) graduate student Kate Koszulinski has recently published a collection of poetry, "Light in Dark Places." The communication sciences and disorders student completed her undergraduate degree in three years and balances her studies with a life dedicated to the arts.  

"Light in Dark Places seeks to describe the little fires and luminescence burning around us, even when all hope seems lost. I am inspired by philosophy and the great poets and writers from the last century or so, such as Mary Oliver, Wendy Cope, and Sylvia Plath, among others. Readers will find very few poems that are dark and macabre, and that was done on purpose, as I am someone that is inspired, even in the most trying of times, by the beauty and complexities around me. So many of my poems are derived from the beauty of the natural world, and I try to emphasize the importance of bearing witness to it all, especially in a world driven by materialism and social media," said Koszulinski. 

Koszulinski also pursues art through music, participating in the University Chorale and Chamber Singers, which she believes ignited a fire in her to become a better musician and seek out the symphonies playing all around her.  

"Music has been the axis in which my life has been set up for as long as I can remember. I truly cannot remember a time I wasn't learning an instrument or part of a production in some capacity. Music can only be described as the freedom I imagine is felt when a bird learns to fly. There is nothing more magical than creating music with a group of passionate, driven people, and I truly think this was the most pivotal part of my college career – I met peers who changed my views on music and life and made an indelible mark upon my performances," said Koszulinski.  

While in high school, Koszulinski knew she wanted to pursue a career that would help others find their voices, so speech-language pathology was a natural choice for her studies. Getting hands-on experience at SXU's on-campus Ludden Speech and Language Clinic enhanced her skills and love for the profession.  

"I think delivering someone their own independence and helping them become the best version of themselves is truly a beautiful thing to be a part of. Having clients this year in the Ludden Clinic only solidified this path for me. It's an honor to hear people's stories and help them feel more confident in themselves and their abilities. Speech-language pathology is very fulfilling," said Koszulinski. 

Koszulinski feels that her courses at SXU are preparing her well for the future and have set her up for success in graduate school.  

"I have had a chance to work with many professionals from my field, and each provides new knowledge and experience to impart upon us. With patience, kindness, and passion, many of my professors have gifted me knowledge that I will continue to take with me on my academic journey and throughout my life. Particularly in the last semester, as I started work in the Ludden Clinic, advice and guidance from my professors was paramount, and I was able to adapt and apply it to the unique challenges and successes each client brought," said Koszulinski.  

In addition to her involvement in music activities, Koszulinski was also a writing consultant and first-year seminar tutor on campus. She enjoyed meeting new people and learning about their own stories, drives, and unique, myriad gifts, and she found great mentorship in Joanna Nemeh, Ph.D., who taught her how to connect with people. Her many wonderful memories during her time at Saint Xavier played a role in her decision to return to the University for her graduate studies.  

"I met my best friends in our chamber choir, and to this day, I am proud to make music with them. Throughout my time there, we've done many concerts and have sung at Mercy Circle, St. Bernadette's, Guaranteed Rate Field, and Swallow Cliff. Each experience was nothing short of an adventure and allowed us to bring music to the community and beyond. I grew immensely in my craft and built relationships with others," said Koszulinski.  

Koszulinski closely resonates with SXU's Mercy mission and finds the core values paramount to all she does.  

"SXU's Mercy mission is vital to the identity of not only the school but its students and staff as well. The Mercy mission is founded on reaching out to those around you and advocating in every way possible to create structural change. This idea was often the basis of many of my classes, as we were taught the importance of fighting for what you know is ethically right. It assigns you a personal mission to stand up for all that is good and right, no matter what the cost," said Koszulinski.  

In the fall, Koszulinski will begin the Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology program at SXU and looks forward to gaining more experience and learning from her professors and peers.