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Date:  01/17/18

SXU Department of Education Professor Eileen Quinn Knight, Ph.D., interviewed Dimitra Georganas and her husband Father Andrew Georganas for Catholic Profiles Magazine.

SXU Spotlight
Date:  01/17/18

Saint Xavier University's Psychology Adjunct Professor Errol Magidson's book was featured in Rick Kogan's Chicago Tribune article.

SXU Arch
Date:  01/17/18

SXU ranked fourth in Illinois among colleges and universities that are considered the best investments for underserved students, according to a new study.

Halfway to Homecoming
Date:  01/16/18

Saint Xavier University (SXU) alumni don your feather masks, beads, hats, and costumes, and gather your friends and family to join us on this "Fat Friday" for food, drinks, music and merriment!