Honorable Cornelius J. Collins and Marian L. Kelly Collins Scholarship Fund

Application Deadline:
March 15, 2019
Amount Range:
$700 for Academic Year 2020
Janet Noth

Scholarship Details

  • Open to any undergraduate or graduate student who can demonstrate that they participated in an initiative that advances the understanding of gender to other students. Eligibility for beginning undergraduate or graduate students will have to be established on the basis of high school or previous college performance, but not restricted to academic performance.
  • A candidate must be in "good standing" with the University.
  • A candidate must demonstrate strong leadership skills and exceptional potential for future leadership in ways that would truly create a less biased, more equal society.
  • A candidate must have participated in or be currently participating in organizations whose membership is comprised mainly of women or whose goals advance women and their needs and interests or which fight the many forms of discrimination which are intertwined (e.g., a battered-women's shelter, rape crises center, legal-aid center, gay and lesbian rights and the like).