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What is the SXU Alumni Career Network?

The Alumni Career Network, powered through Handshake, provides currently enrolled students and alumni with access to networking contacts and alumni mentors who can share informal, real world advice about their fields of interest. Alumni Contacts can help students navigate a successful path through Saint Xavier University while they explore academic and career interests.

A network of Saint Xavier alumni volunteers serve as informal mentors and advisors. Mentors share perspectives on their own education and career development, offer advice about their professional fields and share advice on how to prepare for life after graduation.

To find an alumnus working in your field of interest, simply log on to Handshake and search Alumni Contacts. From there, you can use the alum's preferred contact method and arrange to meet with the alumni mentor one-on-one, via telephone or email address, to gain valuable advice as you explore their personal, academic and career interests and make important decisions about your future.

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