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Non-Traditional Student Resources

Career Services is experienced in supporting non-traditional SXU students and alumni with career counseling, employment document development, career exploration, job and internship search, and assistance with graduate school preparation. Here are just some of the ways we can support you:

In addition to our in-person services, you will find a number of helpful resources below to assist you in your career development endeavors.

General Resources

Look through these general resources to help you prepare for career and educational opportunities as a non-traditional student.

Internships for Adults: Don't get your degree without it

Learn about the importance of an internship experience as an adult student and how it can increase marketability after graduation.

Age Discrimination by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission provides information about the ADEA act and outlines laws and policies pertaining to age discrimination and harassment.

Back to College

Back to College offers non-traditional students with resources at all stages of college life including college preparation, navigating college once admitted, and career planning after graduation.

College for Adults

College for Adults is a website that helps non-traditional students with career planning, course selection and the application process.

Resume Tips for Non-Traditional Students

College Recruiter provides seven resume tips to help non-traditional college students appropriately format a resume.

Professional Organizations, Conferences and Networking

Connect with other non-traditional students and professionals through organizations, conferences and networking events.

Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education

The Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education provides scholarship opportunities, academic resources and motivational support for non-traditional students, and to celebrate, and to build on the network of faculty, administrators and advisors that work with and inspire non-traditional students to succeed.