Career Services

Mock Interview Program

Going on an interview can be a stressful occasion when you do not know what to expect. What should you wear? What do you say? What will they ask you? Learn the answers to these questions and more during a mock interview with Career Services.

A mock interview is a one-on-one simulated interview between you and a Career Services staff member. The interviewer will use your submitted application materials in Handshake to generate relevant interview questions a real employer might ask. You will receive in-depth verbal and written feedback about your interviewing skills including first impressions, non-verbal communication, verbal communication and your ability to provide appropriate responses to questions. Please note this appointment is recorded; the staff member will review the recording with you during the appointment.

NOTE: You must complete mock interviews assigned by an instructor by the last Friday of the semester. Career Services will not conduct mock interviews during Finals Week. Please plan accordingly.

Mock Interview Registration Process

  1. Find a job description for a position you are interested in.
  2. Create or update your resume.
  3. Schedule a mock interview through the Handshake Appointment Request under Career Center.
  4. Copy and paste a plain-text job description and resume into the application when prompted.

You will receive an appointment confirmation once a Career Services staff member reviews and approves your submitted application materials.

Tips for a Successful Mock Interview:

  1. Arrive 10 minutes before the start of the appointment.
  2. Dress professionally to avoid a loss of points on the evaluation.
  3. Be mindful of pre-interview behavior in the waiting room.
  4. Bring several copies of your resume to avoid a loss of points on the evaluation.


Career Services reserves the right to cancel mock interviews at any time and will do so if you do not submit appropriate application materials during the appointment request process. Late arrivals and no-shows may be asked to reschedule and write a letter of apology. If you must cancel an appointment, you may do so through Handshake no earlier than 24 hours before the start time of the appointment.