Business Hold Policy

The University encourages students to participate in their graduation ceremony. However, to maintain the quality of education it provides, the University requires that students pay in full all charges relating to tuition, fees, room and board, prior to the graduation date.

Currently, the University withholds diplomas and official transcripts until all balances are paid in full. Effective with the May 2014 graduating class, students with balances owed to the University will be restricted from participating in the graduation ceremony. This year, this restriction will not apply to students with the following payment arrangements, since their final payment would be received after the graduation date. These students will be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony as long as the scheduled final payment will completely cover the unpaid balance:

Under special circumstances, the University may allow a student to participate in the graduation ceremony. All special circumstances will be considered by appeal. For consideration, a student will need to submit an appeal to the Office of the Bursar. If the appeal is approved, the student will be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.