Commencement Disclaimer

Students who petition to graduate a given term, but do not complete all degree requirements as verified by the Office of Records and Registration, will not be entitled to participate in the commencement ceremony.

Petitioners are removed from the commencement participant list if and when the Office of Records and Registration determines they will not meet degree requirements in advance of the ceremony. In some cases, this may mean an ineligible petitioner receives an invitation to commencement (or related ceremony materials) prior to being removed from the list. While the commencement coordinators take care to avoid such confusion, receiving commencement mailings is not a guarantee of eligibility to academically graduate or participate in commencement. Please refer to the Academic Catalog for the full commencement participation policy.

Students uncertain of their status to academically graduate should contact the Office of Records and Registration directly (773-298-3501). Should a student not be eligible, he or she must re-petition to graduate after completing outstanding requirements.

In all cases, certification of the conferral of a degree is by receipt of a diploma or official transcript noting degree completion, not necessarily participation in the commencement ceremony.