Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus

Health Insurance for Students

Letter to Students

To: SXU Students registered for the Student Health Insurance through SXU's Partnership with First Student

From: Student Affairs

Re: Important Student Health Insurance information

Date: June 8, 2018

For many years Saint Xavier University has been able to offer students health insurance through a group insurance plan designed specifically for Saint Xavier University. Unfortunately, due to low enrollment in the plan and high administrative costs, Saint Xavier University is no longer be able to offer a student health insurance option for our students. Additionally, as a result, SXU will no longer require verification of Student Health Insurance for students enrolled in 6 or more credit hours at Saint Xavier University.

Those students currently enrolled in the program will maintain their coverage until August 10, 2018.

Since Saint Xavier University will no longer verify student health insurance, students will no longer be required to waive the health insurance and will no longer be subject to a charge for health insurance if you do not waive insurance.

We encourage you to seek your own health insurance plan. Personal Health insurance may be available through your (or your parents) employer or can be obtained by contracting individually through private companies or at the Federal Healthcare website.

If you have any questions about your current SXU plan or this letter, please contact me at 773-298-3123.


Student Affairs