Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus

Health Insurance for Students

Waiving Enrollment

The University requires all undergraduate students to carry adequate health insurance. Consequently, students are automatically enrolled in the University Student Health Insurance Plan to ensure they have coverage while at the University. Students may waive out of SXU Health Insurance coverage by providing proof of alternate comparable coverage before the enrollment/waiver deadline. Students must waive the SXU insurance every year.

To waive, you must provide complete policy information (name of policy holder, policy and subscriber numbers, and U.S. telephone number, as well as information on the benefits provided by your plan). You will not be able to complete a waiver application without this information. Students who will not be 18 years of age by July 1, 2017 must have a parent or guardian complete the Enrollment/Waiver Application Form on their behalf.

The fall semester deadline to waive coverage is on Monday, February 5, 2018.

If your insurance plan meets the criteria for comparable coverage, go to the online Enrollment/Waiver Application site to waive your SXU health coverage:

For additional information regarding the waiver process, contact a Bursar's Office representative at 773-298-3046.

Comparability of Coverage

The University requires alternate insurance plans to include the following benefits, in the Chicago area, in order to provide comparable coverage to the University Student Health Plan. Waivers will be denied if the following criteria are not met:

Type of Benefit:

Minimum Benefit Requirement
(*CC = Physician/Hospital Customary Charge)

Emergency and Non-Emergency (e.g., routine or specialty care) Provided Within the Chicago Area:

80% of CC* for services provided in Chicago area

Treatment for Pre-Existing Conditions:

80% of CC*

Inpatient Hospital Treatment (including labs, x-rays, and misc. expenses):

80% of CC*

Emergency Room Visits and Treatment:

80% of CC*

Outpatient Care (e.g., physician office visits, labs, physical therapy, radiology, etc.):

80% of CC*

Outpatient Mental Health Care:

80% of CC*

Inpatient Mental Health Care:

80% of CC* up to 30 days/year

Prescription Drug Expenses:

$20 per generic, $40 per brand, $60 per single source

Ambulance Expenses:

80% of CC*

Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Expenses (for students who will reside more than 100 miles from their permanent address during the academic year):

Provided either through your medical insurance or through a life insurance policy or supplemental plan that you have purchased

Policy Maximum Coverage:


Period of Coverage:

August 11, 2017 to August 10, 2018, or through the end of your academic program (whichever comes first).

Additional Waiver Criteria

Plan must have a U.S. phone number for the processing of claims information, unless you are insured through the U.S. Armed Services.