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Michael Carroll Biography

Mike Carroll is the founder and current President of Romanian Children's Relief and their Romanian partner charity, Fundatia Inocenti. In January 1990, Carroll was one of the first photographers to travel to Romania after the fall of the communist regime. His stories, which were written and photographed for The Boston Globe and The New York Times, led directly to the formation of the Romanian Children's Relief organization.

Since 1980, Mike has worked as a freelance photographer and media-design consultant specializing in corporate and editorial photography with clients including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time, People, Golf & Travel, Travel & Leisure Golf, Newsweek, Business Week, Money and Fortune.

Since 1990, Carroll has traveled extensively throughout Eastern Europe writing and photographing for American and European publications, including The Boston Globe, The New York Times, People, Fortune and Reader's Digest.

His corporate clients have included Disney, Compaq, Malden Mills, Beth Israel Hospital, University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Boston Children's Hospital, American Express and General Motors Corp.

Mike is a 1968 graduate of Notre Dame University.