Residence Life

Computer Use

The Office of Information Services welcomes all students to Saint Xavier University. We are pleased to announce that Internet connectivity is available in the rooms of all Residence Halls as well as in the Dining Hall and the common areas on the first floors of Morris, McCarthy, and Rubloff Halls.

Wireless Access at SXU

In order to connect to the Internet using wireless technology, you will need to purchase a wireless adapter that is compatible with the "802.11b wireless Ethernet protocol." These adaptors can be purchased from stores including Best Buy and Fry's and are available at the University Bookstore. Pacelli and Regina require a wireless connection.

Wired Access at SXU

Wired access or plug-in is available to residents in McCarthy, Morris and Rubloff Halls. Wired access is also provided in some booths in the Dining Hall. In these areas your connection is made through a cable into a wall jack. You will need to purchase an Ethernet patch cable and a 10/100 Ethernet card for your laptop or desktop computer. Many computers are sold with an Ethernet port already built-in.


To set up your computer to print from the network printers, use the Printer Installation instructions placed on the first floor lounge area in each residential hall. After installation you will be able to connect to the SXU network and print your documents. Please see instructions for installation.

When you log on the network, you are able to print from the network laser printers. Printing is as simple as selecting Print from the File menu in whichever application you are using.

If several people are using the lab, there may be a line waiting to use the laser printer. You can check on the status of your print job by clicking on the Network Print Queue icon on the lab desktop computer. In the print queue dialog box, you will see a list of jobs waiting to print. You can delete your own print jobs from the queue by clicking on the job name to highlight that line and pressing the Delete key. Please do not delete other jobs in the queue.

More Help

For additional questions, please call the The Hub at 773-298-HELP (4357) or visit their site.