Sexual Misconduct

Ongoing Assistance

Reporting Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, Relationship Violence or Stalking

The University offers a number of resources to report sexual violence, sexual harassment, dating violence and stalking.

Confidential Services Available at SXU

A confidential resource means that the staff members are required by law and by licensure to keep information provided by clients confidential with very few exceptions.* Although they are University employees, they are not required to report your information to the Title IX coordinator or the Dean of Students.

*Exceptions to confidential reporting:

Medical and counseling professionals are required to report child abuse, elder abuse and situations where there is deemed to be an immediate threat of harm to self or others. These professionals also report non-identifying data and trends related to sexual violence.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center offers professional and confidential counseling is available at no charge for SXU Students. Services can be requested online or by phone.

Counseling Center (Modular Unit)

Health Center

The Health Center offers confidential medical services, STD testing, treatment and referrals are available.

Health Center (Modular Unit)

Other Resources for Students

The resources below include staff trained in handling personal student information and providing appropriate services to students or to refer when necessary. These staff members are required to share information with the dean of Students or Title IX Coordinator. Additionally, all faculty and most staff members are required to notify the dean of Students or Title IX Coordinator when a student shares information about an incident.

Reporting an incident does not mean that you need to file a complaint with the Dean of Students Office, Public Safety or the Police.

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry offers spiritual support, comfort and guidance during crisis and all throughout the school year.

Mercy Ministry Center

Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office can assist students in knowing their full range of options for response to an incident, assist with interim measures such as a housing or course change, provide no-contact directives, and protect against retaliation. This office manages all formal investigations of student misconduct.

Warde Academic Center (Room L-103)

After hours, please contact Public Safety dispatch at 773-298-4400 and ask to speak to the Student Affairs Professional on call.

Online reporting: Reports can be made electronically online.*

This online report is directed to Samantha Maher Sheahan and Katy Thompson, associate deans of students.

Public Safety

Public Safety assists in keeping students safe on campus and helps students file complaints with local law enforcement agencies.

Campus Services Center

Residence Life

Residence Life staff is available to take an initial report and assist you with the process.

Rubloff Hall (Room 110)

Off-Campus Resources

Along with the resources we offer at SXU, we offer additional resources through external services.

Pillars Community (Confidential Advisor)

Pillars Community is an agency external to Saint Xavier University. Their staff members are specifically and extensively trained to work with survivors of sexual misconduct or sexual violence. They can also assist and accompany individuals who wish to file complaints with the University or with law enforcement or wish to seek Orders of Protection. This is a confidential resource.

Sexual Assault Hotline: 708-482-9600


RAINN is a national sexual assault hotline available 24/7 for those seeking confidential support and additional resources.

Sexual Assault Hotline: 800-656-HOPE (4673)

RAINN Online Hotline

Make A Report Online

If you were subject to or witness of an act of sexual misconduct, we encourage you to submit a Sexual Misconduct Report.

The University will respond to all reports in a timely manner and in accordance with Illinois Law (110 ILCS 155/15).