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An e-critique is an online service for you to receive constructive feedback on your writing. Choose a specific day and time and upload the writing assignment directly to that appointment time slot. You will provide the entire assignment prompt and thoroughly explain what you would like to have the consultant look at during the appointment. The consultant will read all the comments provided and offer feedback that directly addresses your concerns.

Typically, a consultant's response will include a summary of what you did well and what you should focus on when revising the paper. The consultant will also provide comments within the actual paper itself. Contrary to what some may think, this is not an editing service. Consultants will not do the work of "fixing" the paper for you, nor will they format a paper for you. When the consultant is done providing a summary and in-text comments, the paper will be uploaded once again to WCOnline and automatically sent to your SXU email for review.

You will be expected to read the comments and to decide if you want to make the recommended changes, based on the feedback from the reviewer. The Writing Studio at SXU aims to help you become a better, more self-sufficient writer.

Frequently Asked Questions

The e-critique service (PDF) is open to all students, but it was created specifically for adult learners, graduate and online students, who often cannot attend face-to-face appointments. Traditional undergraduate students who are taking classes on campus are strongly encouraged to continue using in-person appointments.

Learning Center/Writing Studio personnel may also recommend in-person appointments when and if they feel a student is not benefiting from e-critiques and/or if a student's writing issues may be better served in person.

This depends on the consultant, the type of paper and what you want us to review. Keep in mind that consultants look at papers in hour-long increments and that you may book only one hour per week in the Writing Studio. Consultants typically can review 10 pages in a one-hour slot.

If you have a paper longer than 10 pages, we recommend that you submit it, make the recommended changes to the entire paper, and then resubmit the paper noting which pages have already been reviewed and which pages you'd like for us to now look at. Oftentimes, students are satisfied after our consultants have reviewed the first 10 pages and are able to modify the remainder of the paper using the initial comments and recommendations.

  • Head over to WCOnline.
  • If you have never used the SXU Writing Studio, you will need to register for an account.
  • Once you've registered, log in using the credentials you created and choose the "Writing Center" schedule.
  • Select an available time slot (shown in white) for when you would like the consultant to work on your paper.

Please Note: For e-critiques, you can select ONLY consultants who have "Face-to-face or eTutoring" underneath their name.

  • Fill out the appointment information. You should provide thorough information on the assignment as well as what you want the consultant to look at. Press "Save Appointment" at the bottom of the appointment form.

Please Note: It is incredibly important that you provide detailed and specific information on the appointment form. Simply saying, "Grammar check" or "APA" does not provide our consultants with enough information to best help you. Instead, consider specific grammar or formatting issues you or your professor have concerns about. For example, do you need help with in-text citations, the references page or the look and feel of the APA paper? The more that you hone in on specific items you need help with, the better we can help you with those items. Failure to provide our consultants with sufficient information about your paper or what you need help with will result in a delayed turnaround time for your e-critique or a canceled appointment.

  • After pressing save, a dialogue box will immediately appear to prompt you to attach your paper. If you are not ready to attach your paper or you have modified your version of the paper in some way, you can always return to WCOnline to upload your paper.

Please Note: Your paper must be uploaded at least an hour before your scheduled time slot. In WCOnline, click on the yellow file folder, located on the top left of the page, underneath your name. This will allow you to upload your file to a specific appointment you have booked.

The consultants who provide e-critiques are SXU's writing specialists. These are consultants with advanced degrees (masters and doctorates). Some teach at SXU, and all have extensive practice writing for business, health care or higher education. They are well equipped to help all levels of writers from a variety of disciplines.

Absolutely! You can continue working on your paper and upload a newer version later by logging back into WCOnline and clicking on the yellow file folder located at the top left of the page, underneath your name. This will prompt you to select the specific appointment that you would like to attach your paper to. Make sure you're attaching your paper to the correct appointment time slot. Your paper must be uploaded no later than one hour before your scheduled appointment time slot.

An email notification with your document attachment will be sent following your appointment. This notification will be sent to the SXU email you provided when registering your account. You can also log in to WCOnline and click on your appointment time slot. At the bottom of the appointment, you should see "Attached Files," where you will have the option to download your file. Past files are always accessible to students.

Contact us at learningcenterFREESXU or 773-298-5148. Our business hours are Mondays through Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The goal of all Learning Center/Writing Studio services is for the student to learn. For the e-critiques, specifically, we recommend that you pay special attention to the summary that the consultant provides. This is where the consultant will provide specific instruction on one or two items that you can work on to improve your writing. If you take that feedback and apply it to the remainder of your paper (and to your future papers), you will continue to add to your repertoire of writing skills that you can then apply to other papers, courses and other writing situations, like your career.