Media Relations

Portal Announcement Procedure

The mySXU portal is a resourceful tool used by faculty, staff and currently enrolled students. Within the portal, internal campus announcements are available to share important updates and accomplishments, upcoming events and helpful reminders about policies and deadlines. Please review the process below to learn how to submit an announcement.

Step 1: Finding the Form

Login to mySXU and go to Announcement section (middle column) and click "Add Campus Announcement/Event."

Step 2: Completing the Form

After you've clicked "Add Campus Announcement/Event," you will be taken to the form where you can begin filling out the required fields.

You will notice that there are two separate contact fields. The "Author Information" will automatically fill in your information according to what credentials were used to login to mySXU. Should the "Contact Information" for the "Campus Announcement/Event" differ from that of the author, fill in the appropriate information. If it is the same, please click the checkbox, and the form will automatically fill in the appropriate information.

New Announcement/Event Request

For the "Audience" line, check all that apply; both checkboxes can be chosen.


For the "Source" line, please indicate if this is for the Internal Portal (only applying to SXU community members) or Internal Portal and External Site (SXU community and local community members -- Example: New Art Gallery Exhibit).

For the "Expiration Date" line, please pick an end date for your announcement. All submissions must have an end date. Typical announcements appear for two weeks. Should your "Campus Announcement/Event" take place throughout the entire semester, pick the last calendar date of the semester.

Source and Expiration Date

For the "First Appears" line, please indicate when you'd like your "Campus Announcement/Event" to be displayed on mySXU. The default option is "immediately;" however if you're submitting multiple events as they re-occur throughout the semester (i.e. TIAA-CREF Individual Counseling Sessions), you might want to choose a specific date, as it will appear on mySXU starting on the date you pick.

First Appears

If your announcement is also an event, please click "yes" and proceed filling in the required fields. Should your event be over the course of a few hours, make sure "Event Start Date" and "Event End Date" display the same date and add in the duration of the event in the "Event Start Time" and "Event End Time" fields.

Event Details

Step 3: Submitting the Form

Click "Submit Request." You should then see a "Thank You" page that confirms your announcement has been requested. You may close out of that and continue back to mySXU.

For additional help, please email and Media Relations will reply within 48 hours from the time you submitted your email.