Saint Xavier University Health Center

Health Center

About Us

The mission of Saint Xavier University Health Center is to promote and maintain the health status of the people in the university community.

Increase access to appropriate health care services though:

  1. Provision of preventive services and promotion of healthy lifestyles.
  2. Management of acute illness, minor injury and chronic stabilized health conditions.

Heath as a shared responsibility:

  1. Increase the scope of primary health care services to the students, faculty, staff and residents of the surrounding communities.
  2. Provide opportunities for student service learning, faculty practice and research.
  3. Advocate for community partnerships that address problems related to health care delivery especially at the local level.
  4. Provide individuals, families, groups and communities the opportunities to improve their health.

Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic

The Saint Xavier University Health Center is currently staffed by one full-time and three part-time nurse practitioners (NPs), one medical assistant, one administrative director and two administrative assistants. They have each received specialized training in assessing, diagnosing and treating common health problems as well as promoting health and wellness.

Currently, family nurse practitioners and other staff provide care to Saint Xavier University students, faculty, staff, members of the Sisters of Mercy community and area residents including children, adults and seniors.

The provided services include but are not limited to: immunizations, chronic illness management, laboratory services, school physicals, minor illness and minor injury treatments.