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SXU Emerging Scholars Program

The Emerging Scholars Program promotes the retention and academic success of African American students at Saint Xavier University. The program is committed to providing relevant experiences that aim to help African American students succeed academically, professionally and socially through development in the following areas: education/retention, leadership, social, community involvement and cultural/spiritual awareness.

Goals for the Emerging Scholars program include, but are not limited to, expanded efforts in recruiting African American students as undergraduates and increasing first-to-second year retention and six-year graduation rates of that population. To meet these goals, SXU is creating an environment that meets the academic, professional and cultural needs of African American students.

Program Pillars

The Emerging Scholars Program is founded on six program pillars:

As a core value of SXU, participants should be sensitive to the needs and struggles of their counterparts, peers, and those less fortunate. We are committed to assisting those in need by participating in various volunteer and community service opportunities that service SXU and the community at large.

A key element of student success is mentorship. Student populations demonstrate positive academic outcomes in environments of healthy mentorship and support.

According to Tinto's theory, the decision to 'drop out' stems from a combination of student characteristics and the extent of their academic, environmental and social integration into an institution. The stronger the individual's level of social and academic integration, the greater their subsequent commitment to the institution and the goal of College Graduation.

Ensuring the educational experience is supported by connecting students to campus resources, faculty and staff with relatable higher education experience.

We believe that students should be equipped to lead, communicate and engage in civic, social and cultural activities.

We seek to enhance students' professional growth, self-awareness, confidence, cultural responsiveness and historical presence.

For more information about the Emerging Scholars Program, contact Jacqueline Griffin at  jgriffinFREESXU.