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Media Relations

The Saint Xavier University Office of Media Relations publicizes institutional news and developments, faculty and student engagements and achievements, matters involving the president and administration, special accomplishments, programs, events and activities, and other news related to the activities of the campus community.

The Office of Media Relations can assist you with generating publicity for campus news and events through various outlets including SXU News, the SXU event calendar and the mySXU Portal Announcements.

To request any of the services below, please email newsroomFREESXU.

Services include:

  • Preparing news/feature stories for distribution to the appropriate media outlets as well as to the University's website.
  • Facilitating news media coverage of SXU programs, student and faculty activities, events and other related events.
  • Promoting University faculty and staff expertise to the news media.
  • Providing communication assistance and media training to University personnel.
  • Coordinating and conducting news conferences pertaining to Saint Xavier University's events, issues, etc.


The Office of Media Relations is the first and primary media contact for Saint Xavier University. Contact Media Relations as soon as possible if anyone with the media contacts you directly. For more details, please view the policies below.

For questions or for more information, please contact newsroomFREESXU.

The Media Policy (PDF) details how members of the community should respond to the media in the event that they are contacted.

The Calendar Event Policies and Procedures (PDF) outlines how to add an event to the public SXU Calendar.

Please Note: Prior to submitting the calendar request, all locations must be reserved through 25Live, the system used for room reservations and event scheduling. Submitting this request does not reserve your room location.

Freelance Photography Request Form

Saint Xavier University's Office for Media Relations can assist you with hiring photography services for campus events. To request assistance, please complete the form below.

Requests typically will be processed within one to two business days, and you will receive a confirmation email after your request has been processed. Please submit all requests at least four weeks in advance. Rates are typically $100 per hour and will be billed to your department.

For more information or to send a news tip to Media Relations, please contact newsroomFREESXU.

Portal Announcement Procedure

The mySXU portal is a resourceful tool used by faculty, staff and currently enrolled students. Within the portal, internal campus announcements are available to share important updates and accomplishments, upcoming events and helpful reminders about policies and deadlines. Note that the portal is meant to be a space for quick news, not static announcements. Please review the steps below to learn how to submit an announcement.

*We reserve the right to deny requests that fall outside the portal's purpose - to share the work of active SXU community members to advance community engagement and the reputation of SXU. 

Step 1: Finding the Form

Log in to mySXU and request to add campus announcement/event.

Step 2: Completing the Form

You will be taken to the form where you can begin filling out the required fields.

You will notice that there are two separate contact fields. The "Author Information" will automatically fill in your information according to what credentials were used to log in to mySXU. Should the contact information for the announcement/event differ from that of the author, fill in the appropriate information. If it is the same, please click the checkbox and the form will automatically fill in the appropriate information.

For the "Audience" line, check all that apply - both checkboxes can be chosen.

For the "Expiration Date" line, please pick an end date for your announcement. All submissions must have an end date. General news should not appear for longer than two dates and events should have an expiration date for the day after the event. Should your event take place throughout the entire semester, pick the last calendar date of the semester.

For the "First Appears" line, please indicate when you'd like your announcement or event to be displayed on mySXU. The default option is immediately; however, if you're submitting multiple events as they reoccur throughout the semester (i.e., TIAA-CREF Individual Counseling Sessions), you might want to choose a specific date, as it will appear on mySXU starting on the date you pick.

If your announcement is also an event, proceed filling in the required fields. Should your event take place over the course of a few hours, make sure "Event Start Date" and "Event End Date" display the same date and add in the duration of the event in the "Event Start Time" and "Event End Time" fields.

Step 3: Submitting the Form

Click "Submit Request." You should then see a page that confirms your announcement has been requested. You may close out of the page and continue back to mySXU.

For additional help, please email newsroomFREESXU Media Relations will reply within 48 hours from the time you submitted your email.