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Art and Design

Visual communication is the most fundamental of human languages. Through the study of art, one acquires a rich understanding of human nature, values, psychology, aesthetics and history. Creative individuals who are visually articulate play profound roles in our increasingly complex visual world, and career opportunities are numerous. Graduates of our program now work as art teachers in high school and universities, as art directors, illustrators and graphic designers in advertising agencies, as studio photographers and film makers, as museum and gallery curators, as certified art therapists and as independent studio artists with professional gallery representation.

Programs of Study

The faculty of the Art and Design Department believe visual literacy should be an essential accomplishment for every well-educated and productive citizen. Since the invention of photography, and increasingly in the multi-media environment fostered today by computers, everyone is inescapably subject to both the riches and hazards of visual culture. Thus, we urge every SXU student to consider taking at least one art course in fulfillment of the two-course general education requirement in art, humanities, music and literature.

Prospective Art and Design majors are offered a range of courses that differ by area of specialization: Applied Graphic Design, Art Secondary Education, Graphic Design and Studio Art. Regardless of which program is eventually selected, students are encouraged to gain a broad understanding of the history of their field, to acquire the vocabulary and facility for speaking and writing about their understanding and appreciation of art and to develop the skills necessary to create artistic statements of their own.

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