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New Student Support and Early Intervention


EXPLORE STEM recognizes that the bridge between high school and university can be difficult for students, and potentially more so for STEM majors. We have developed STEM-focused programs based on the Transitions and Rebound courses that have been proven to be effective here at Saint Xavier University.

STEM Advantage

During a one-week experience over the summer, incoming STEM-interested freshman will have the opportunity to participate in a hands-on, exploration of STEM. They will take part in mathematical investigation, perform science experiments, and be introduced to coding. Not only will students meet like-minded peers before their classes begin, but they will develop and grow their interests in biology, chemistry, computer science, and mathematics. The program provides small-group learning communities that offer social groups and a built-in support system as they begin their academic career at SXU.

Participants are invited by the university.

STEM Transitions

STEM Transitions course is a general education course for new freshman that will connect students their peers in the first semester to assist in the transition to college life. It includes specific emphasis on STEM topics such as best practices for success in science courses, sustainable study habits, and STEM careers. Students will be introduced to various resources including the STEM Studio, the Learning Center for tutoring and supplemental instruction, the Library, and STEM Student Organizations.

This course satisfies the Transitions requirement.

STEM Rebound

This course is required for second-semester freshman students placed on academic probation in their first semester, and will also be open to those who are at-risk or need more focused assistance. Rebound will meet twice a week for 12 weeks -- one day is devoted to general workshops addressing academic policies, academic planning, and University resources; the other day acts as a study hall for students to have a planned amount of time to work, with the help of the instructor and STEM Peer Mentors. The goal of the course is to have students develop effective study plans and success strategies for their particular major.

All students participating in these programs are encouraged to use the STEM Studio as a place to study and meet other STEM majors to foster relationships with like-minded students early on in their academic career.

All programs are funded by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1832511.