Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus

General Education Program

Curriculum for Transfer Students

First year students need to complete sixteen courses/46 credit hours in general education. Students who transfer into the University with 30 credits or more (formal review of transcripts is required) need to complete two "missioned based" courses (6 credit hours): Philosophy 150, and any 200/300 level Religious Studies course.

Transfer students must also complete an orientation course, entitled the "Transfer Student Orientation" or ACSU 101, which is 0 credit and free. The orientation course covers such issues as SXU's Learning Management System which is used in all SXU courses (Canvas), and tips for navigating the SXU's portal, SXU's student support services, and the most important academic policies which impact transfer students. This course is scheduled throughout the year, and involves one, three-hour session, although ACSU 101 may be completed through an online tutorial.

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