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B.A. Game Design and Motion Graphics

B.A. Art and Design - Game Design and Motion Graphics

The Bachelor of Arts in Game Design and Motion Graphics is a new major with courses in video game production video editing, sound design and animation. Introductory courses will explore the tools needed for the creation of the digital graphics needed for all types of design. Intermediate classes ask students to interact with some of the more complex technical and theoretical elements of motion graphics such as 3D graphic, 3D environments and game engines. Students will then take advanced courses where they will build rich content for elaborate motion graphics projects like multimedia animations or games.


Why Earn Your Game Design and Motion Graphics Degree?

A degree in Game Design and Motion Graphics is providing students access to a field that is still developing and in need of creative skilled artists and designers. By studying the tools and techniques of the motion graphics artists or the game designer a student will be able to see the entire game, animation and or cinema production pipeline. They will learn how a project goes from idea development through storyboarding and preproduction to asset collection and shooting, coding, and editing to the test and revision of final immersive multimedia product. Students may choose to take it even further to the marketing and advertising stage. By seeing all of these different parts of the game design and motion graphics process students will find where they fit into that complex and fascinating industry.

Art Exhibitions at SXU

Throughout their academic and creative journey, students are able to display their artwork in exhibitions on the Saint Xavier campus.

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Graphic Artist designing an image on the computer


About the Program

Saint Xavier University is positioned uniquely on a small campus in a big city. The Art and Design Department has the added benefit of a fantastic complex of studios called the Visual Art Center in which students have extended access to tools, space and collaborators. Students have access to studios with all of the tools needed to explore motion graphics and game design.

Through recent federal funding we have been able to expand those tools and studios to include new cinema cameras, lights, lenses, robotic arms and live production tools for motion graphics. New computers, 3D assets, synthesizers and motion capture tools have recently arrived to expand our ability to teach the elements of game design.

Because of our location students can use the City of Chicago as both a tool for research as well as subject matter for their art. Art and Design students are shuttled all over our city for art shows, museum tours and photo/video shoots. They then return to campus to edit and exhibit their work.

The Visual Arts Center at Saint Xavier University is a multi-studio complex with all of the tools and labs needed to explore creative image and object production. From early in the morning to late at night you can find students working in the many studios, collaborating with faculty, and sharing their work. Every wall in the building has work from past or current students and a student/alumni gallery sits right inside the front door to inspire and recharge the imagination. A game gallery allows students to conduct both game research and test play games made by other students on many different platforms.

Exterior shot of the Visual Arts Center

Visiting game designers, and motion graphics artists will provide first-hand knowledge of the industry and provide feedback to students working in the classroom.

Students attend game design conferences like the annual Games for Change conference in New York City. At these events students can meet industry professionals and network with peers from across the country.

Students in the Game Design and Motion Graphics Track will be able to:

  • Describe and distinguish between different types of video games and interactive media.
  • Critique the use of strategy, mechanisms, and narrative in an existing game.
  • Apply fundamental elements and principles of 2- and 3-dimensional design.
  • Develop skills in the use of graphics software to process and display visual information.
  • Integrate knowledge from a variety of fields to design and build video game elements.

Why study Game Design and Motion Graphics at Saint Xavier University?

  • The popularity of gaming is reaching new heights. Now is the time to join a program that will grant you access to that industry
  • Learn in smaller classrooms with the most updated technology
  • Be able to have extended access to labs and game studios.
  • Combine your academic major with Esports -- teams are always looking for new players.

Studio Art
Students interested in an art minor are able to chose from a variety of art courses to gain a vast understanding of their chosen area of study.

Game Design and Motion Graphics

Graphic Design
Unlike a studio art minor, which is any 6 art courses, a graphic design minor will have to take 6 specific art courses. This minor will have potential employment benefits to have, so we want to make sure that even minors get the proper training.

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