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Reasons to Pursue Special Education or Secondary Education

Gain a Competitive Edge With an Advanced Degree

A master's degree in special education or secondary education can give you a competitive edge.

As you prepare to transition into an advanced career, you'll spend time focusing on what really matters:

  • Fostering meaningful relationships with students, parents and other teachers
  • Meeting the needs of diverse learners, including those with learning disabilities

Enhance Your Effectiveness in the Classroom

Expanding your repertoire of instructional strategies with research-based practices can help you: 
  • Better engage students by addressing various learning styles more effectively
  • Increase student comprehension and retention through connection to real life concepts
  • Individually assess students' needs and progress and adjust accordingly

Develop Your Career Path

Expand your options with an advanced degree

You have already served students with different abilities as a substitute teacher or as a paraprofessional. In these programs, you can prepare to be the permanent teacher for those students in secondary schools and other settings.

Entering the teaching field with a master's degree increases your starting salary.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, secondary education and special education teachers with a master's degree earned an average of $10,000 more annually than those without as of 2013.

Gain Hands-On Experience

Enhance your skills and knowledge through field experiences.

Practical experience in a real classroom setting is integral to a graduate education program. Universities may require students to procure such experiences on their own, while others provide them. Saint Xavier gives students a choice by allowing them to partially fulfill the requirement in a setting of their own choosing.

SXU also provides field experiences where students can learn how to:
  • Administer formative assessments to students with different abilities
  • Interpret the results of the formative assessments
  • Practice data collection to tailor subsequent instruction to students' performance

Collaborate with Experienced Faculty

Develop meaningful relationships through one-on-one interactions.

The faculty teaching in Saint Xavier’s education programs have more than 100 years of experience combined. You will receive valuable, individualized assistance from faculty who will serve as mentors during and after your time at school.

Join Together with Like-Minded Professionals

SXU’s secondary education program and special education program give you a chance to be part of a professional learning community. You can have an even bigger impact in education through support from classmates who have received the same training you have.

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