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B.S. in Mathematics


The Mathematics Department at SXU strives to build a strong sense of community among faculty and undergraduate students in exploring the beauty and importance of mathematics. Mathematics is an integral part of a liberal arts education and is the foundation for many areas of study. Students who major in mathematics are prepared for entry into graduate schools and for entry into business and industrial positions which require a bachelor's degree in mathematics.

Program Highlights

Our faculty members are dedicated to excellence in teaching and scholarship. The broad range of faculty research interests in mathematics and mathematics education includes: abstract algebra, applied mathematics, solitary waves theory, developmental mathematics, differential geometry, discrete mathematics, history of mathematics, numerical analysis, probability and statistics, cryptography, combinatorics, mathematical knowledge for teaching, and processes by which mathematics teachers incorporate technology into their teaching.

  • Solve problems from a variety of mathematical fields, thereby displaying a breadth of knowledge of mathematics.
  • Communicate results and arguments clearly, effectively and correctly, both in writing and orally.
  • Use, in an appropriate and effective manner, mathematics software and technology including graphing calculators, computer algebra systems and statistical software.
  • Work as a member of a problem-solving team able to critically analyze and solve mathematical problems.
  • Independently research a mathematical topic and write a mathematically accurate research paper, thereby displaying a depth of knowledge.
  • Model real-world problems mathematically and interpret results appropriately.

Program Requirements

For more information, please review the program requirements and course descriptions in the SXU Academic Catalog.

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Meet the Faculty

Featured Alumni


Caroline Ciezczak, Alumna, Class of 2019

“My name is Caroline Ciezczak and I graduated in 2019 in Mathematics and Mathematics Secondary Education. My time at Saint Xavier University has helped me to be the teacher I am today. I became motivated and challenged to improve my skills every day and I could not do that without the help of the staff at SXU. I learned so much from all the professors and I maintain a great connection with each and every one of them.
Currently I am a part-time teacher at Lemont High School, where I cover several classes all the way from freshmen level math to senior level classes like AP Statistics and Modern Mathematics. I love spending time with my students and motivating them just like how my professors motivated me. It is an amazing experience to work with students of all grade levels and share my passion of mathematics to more than just my math friends.”

Caroline Ciezczak