Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice offers courses and programs examining the organization and processes of human social behavior and belief systems. The roles of individuals in both the maintenance and change of these arrangements are also explored.

Assistant Professor, Steven Taylor provides a program overview in the video below:

Criminal Justice Major

Criminal Justice students participate in basic preparation that relates the criminal justice area to liberal arts education and forms a foundation for employment opportunities in such fields as corrections, institutional security, police work and probation. Students will have an understanding of the moral, philosophical, historical and scientific base from which to understand and make decisions and judgments when presented with criminal justice topics.

Program Requirements

For more information, please review the program requirements and course descriptions in the SXU Academic Catalog.

Contact Information

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Office of Admission
Phone: 844-GOTO-SXU (844-468-6798)

Success at SXU Janet Napoli-Wiley

Janet Napoli-Worley
B.A. in Criminal Justice and Psychology

"I started taking Criminal Justice classes as electives. The more classes I took the more I wanted to take, this is how my passion for criminal justice started. All I wanted to do was learn and talk about topics pertaining to criminal justice. During my time in the program, Dr. Steven Taylor and Dr. Tracy Crump provided me with never ending academic freedom and guidance. After spending time with Dr. Tracy Crump analyzing different ideas to approach I was able to find my passion. The criminal justice professors allowed me to challenge my thinking in the best way academically by providing constructive feedback, always answering questions, and valuing my opinion in the process. Classroom time was often spent on understanding different mindsets making the classroom an open and free space to think and discuss. The patience that was given by professors inside and outside of the classroom made my experience better."