Transfer Student Services Center

Transfer Student Mentorship Program

As a new transfer student, transitioning to a new environment may seem stressful and overwhelming. The goal of our Transfer Student Mentorship Program is to relieve transfer students from the stress of starting at a new school. We believe the Transfer Student Mentorship Program can help you experience an easier transition in support of your success at SXU!

Our experienced mentors within the program are transfer students who have been where you are. They understand the unique needs of our transfer student community and are willing to work with you one-on-one to make your time at SXU the best it can be.

While each mentorship pair is encouraged to establish their own specific goals, it is expected that the mentors will assist their mentees in the following ways:


The mission of the Transfer Student Mentorship Program is to build meaningful and professional relationships between newly admitted transfer students and the peer mentor who can share their experiences at SXU in order to make your transition to SXU a smooth one.


To apply for the Transfer Student Mentorship Program, please fill out the application below. Any additional questions, please contact or 773-298-3510. The Transfer Student Services Center is located in the Warde Academic Center, A-208.