Freshman Admission

Test-Blind Admission Policy

Across the nation, COVID-19 has caused significant disruption in standardized testing, and due to the uncertainty of testing availability for fall, Saint Xavier University (SXU) has announced a test-blind admission policy for freshmen applying for the fall 2021 semester. This means that the ACT or SAT will not be used in admission decisions or scholarship consideration, with some exceptions:

NOTE: *ACT school code: 1134. SAT school code: 1708.

Scores sent directly from the high school are also accepted.

All freshman applicants for the spring 2021 semester will be required to submit an ACT or SAT score. International students for spring and fall have specific admission requirements and deadlines and are encouraged to review our international student application requirements page.

Freshman Admission Policy FAQs

Why is SXU moving to a test-blind admission policy (with exceptions) for freshmen applying for fall 2021?

COVID-19 caused mass cancellation of ACT and SAT exams during the time of year when most rising seniors usually take these exams -- spring and summer. Testing availability in the fall continues to be uncertain due to COVID-19. As a result, most colleges are developing similar admission policies.

Does removing the testing requirement mean that SXU has lowered admission standards?

No. In fact, numerous national studies show that students' performance in high school is a better predictor of college success than a standardized test score, including a recent study by researchers at the University of Chicago. Our internal research supports this as well. Many colleges are implementing similar policies. We value the preparation students receive in our area high schools and trust the courses taken and grades are an excellent predictor of students' ability to succeed in college.

Why is SXU requiring test scores for students applying to nursing?

Our nursing program is a selective admission program; therefore, test scores will be required for nursing applicants and used in admission decisions.

What if I'm admitted as an undecided student or as a non-nursing major and I want to change my program to nursing? Will I need to send test scores to be considered for the nursing program?

Yes. Students admitted to a non-nursing major who want to change their major to nursing will be required to submit an ACT or SAT score.

I haven't taken the ACT or SAT yet, and I want to apply for nursing. What should I do?

No problem! Many students will be in a similar situation. We encourage you to apply now as a nursing applicant and send your test scores after you've tested.

Why would the Admission Committee request my test scores if I'm not applying for nursing?

Students who are not applying for nursing will be reviewed for admission based on their high school transcripts. After initial review of your application and transcript, our Admission Committee may request additional materials in order to make an informed admission decision. Requested materials may include things like grades from your first semester of senior year, an essay, letter of recommendation or your test scores.

Will I be eligible for a higher merit award scholarship if I submit my test scores?

No. Merit scholarships will be based on high school performance regardless of whether test scores are submitted.

What high school grade point average will you use?

For high schools whose standard grading scale is a 4.0 scale, we'll use the weighted GPA. This ensures that students get any additional points earned for honors, AP or IB courses. For schools whose standard GPA scale is not on a 4.0 scale, we'll first convert the scale to a 4.0 scale and then use the converted weighted GPA to ensure students receive any additional points for honors, AP or IB courses.

Are recruited athletes required to submit standardized test scores for admission?

Freshmen student athletes applying for the fall 2021 semester will be reviewed for admission using the test-blind policies described above. However, eligibility criteria for the National Association for Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) may vary. Additional details will be communicated when available.