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Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus Residence Halls

Admission of Graduate Students

General Admission Procedures

To begin the application process, a completed online application for admission must be submitted. Further information may obtained from the Office of Graduate Admission. The application process is completed when the applicant has submitted the following:

  1. A completed online application;
  2. A completed personal statement, if required;
  3. A resume, if required;
  4. Completed recommendation forms, if required;
  5. The results of the appropriate graduate admission test, if required;
  6. Official transcript(s) sent directly from the registrar of accredited colleges or universities, as required by the program to which the applicant is applying.

Students are encouraged to review the Graduate Admission Requirements and Process page for individual program requirements.

Completed applications will be reviewed by the appropriate program director and the student will be notified with an admission decision and/or next steps.

Please see the additional catalog pages below for more information.

Disclaimer: Applicants to Saint Xavier University certify that the information submitted is complete and correct to the best of their knowledge and understand and acknowledge that the submission of false or incomplete information is grounds for denial of the application, withdrawal of any offer of acceptance, cancellation of enrollment or any appropriate disciplinary action. Additionally, the University reserves the right to deny or rescind admission if it learns at any time that the applicant has engaged in disrespectful, dishonest, or unethical behavior inconsistent with the University's Core Values.