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Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus Residence Halls

Alternative Licensure Middle Level Education

The alternative licensure path is an option for prospective Middle Level Education teachers who need to earn a salary while pursing a teaching license. This Middle Level Education Alternative Licensure Program enables candidates to hold a paid position as the teacher of record while pursuing an Illinois Professional Educator License (PEL).

The Illinois Administrative Code (23 Illinois Administrative Code 25, Section 25.60) provides an alternate route for non-licensed college graduates to obtain a PEL in Illinois. Similar to any other licensure program, alternative licensure programs follow rigorous guidelines that include accelerated coursework, field experiences, teaching experiences, and licensure testing. Candidates enroll in seven semesters of program coursework including two intensive summer sessions as they complete a 42 credit hour program leading to a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT).

The Middle Level Education alternative licensure program simultaneously combines accelerated coursework with classroom experiences and one-to-one mentoring. Candidates in this program will have the guidance and support of a mentor teacher, a University coordinator and a site coach throughout the two years of required provisional teaching.

This program is designed for those who already hold a bachelor's degree in one of the following specifically approved content areas: English/language arts, mathematics, science or social science. Potential candidates who do not hold a bachelor's degree in one of these approved content areas will be required to submit transcripts to the state superintendent to be reviewed for equivalency.

Program Admission Requirements

The Illinois State Board of Education and the SXU Education Division require that potential candidates meet the following admission requirements:

Program Benchmarks

Full/Regular Admission   Exit
Year 1 Year 2
GPA: Minimum undergraduate 3.0 Maintain 3.0 or above Maintain 3.0 or above GPA: Minimum 3.0

Bachelor's degree from accredited university with the following content course requirements:

*a degree in English/language arts, mathematics, one of the sciences, or one of the social sciences,


*the equivalent of a degree - 32 credit hours in English/language arts, mathematics, one of the physical sciences, or one of the social sciences

Satisfactory instructor assessments of professional dispositions

Complete VIRTUS training, the Fingerprinting -- Background Investigation, and CPS Field Experience approval process

Successfully complete all Year 1 coursework

Complete an Elementary Education program self-pre-assessment of Professional Dispositions

Target performance on the summative Danielson evaluation

Curriculum competency evaluation rating of 3 or above in the specific content area (AMLE)

Successfully complete all Year 2 coursework
Successful completion of all program coursework with a cumulative

3.0 GPA or higher

Professional Dispositions Post Self-Assessment

Satisfactory instructor assessments of professional dispositions

Target Performance on the Middle Level InTASC


Completion of SXU graduation requirements

Pass the content specific ILTS Middle Level exam

*Middle Grades (5-8) Language Arts (201)


*Middle Grades (5-8) Mathematics (202)


*Middle Grades (5-8) Science (203)


Middle Grades (5-8) Social Science (204)

Admission Interview

Target performance on the formative Danielson evaluation

Curriculum competency evaluation rating of 3 or above in each of the 7 content areas (ACEI)

Satisfactory instructor assessments of professional dispositions

Rating of "proficient" or higher at the conclusion of the comprehensive assessment required under subsection (c)(7) by which candidates are recommended for the PEL

Recommended for second year of residency by principal of school and program coordinator

Pass the edTPA by the end of fall II semester


Exit survey and Alumni Survey

Sequence of Professional Education Courses

Courses are designed for hybrid/blended delivery; all face-to-face class meetings are scheduled for evenings. Total of 42 credit hours.

Spring 1

  • Education Orientation (online) (0)
  • Cycle of Effective Teaching (2)
  • Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language (3)
  • Pre-residency Field Experience Block (1)

Summer 1

  • Methods of Reading and Reading in the Content Area (3)
  • Survey of Students with Exceptionalities (3)

Fall 1

  • Content Specific Middle Level Methods (English/language arts, mathematics, science or social science) (2)
  • Young Adolescent Development (2)
  • Residency 1 (2)

Spring 2

  • Reading and Writing in the Content Area (2)
  • edTPA Seminar (2)
  • Residency 1 (2)

Summer 2

  • Data Driven Instruction (3)
  • Historical Trends and Contemporary Issues in Education (3)

Fall 2

  • Middle Level Classroom Environment: Supporting College/Career Readiness (2)
  • Integrating Technology and Instructional Strategies (2)
  • Residency 2 (2)

Spring 3

  • Capstone/Research Seminar (4)
  • Residency 2 (2)

Requirements in this program are subject to change within the time span of one's University career due to changing requirements at national, state, and local levels.