Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus Residence Halls

Payment Plans

For students who are unable to pay the amount due in full by the first day of classes, the University offers the following payment plans:

Tuition Management Systems Payment Plan

Student's can divide all academic year expenses into ten monthly payments, spread over a ten-month period. There is a $105 application fee, but no interest charges. To enroll with Tuition Management Systems, call 1-800-722-4867 or visit the Tuition Management Systems website. The student or parent must contact the Office of the Bursar to get the correct budget amount.

Employee Reimbursement Plan

Student's who qualify for employer deferred tuition reimbursement may enroll in the employee reimbursement plan each semester. On the employee reimbursement plan, students can defer payment on the amount to be reimbursed until the end of the semester.

To enroll in the employee reimbursement plan, students must submit the employee reimbursement payment plan application and a check for 20 percent of the tuition before the first day of class. Payment in full must then be received in the Student Financial Services Office within 30 days of your receiving your current semester grade report.

A new employee reimbursement plan application must be submitted each term. Applications are available online.