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Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus Residence Halls


Staff members are reflected as of July 1, 2024, since the Saint Xavier Catalog is updated each July. Current staff members can be found in the Campus Directory.

President's Office

  1. Keith Elder (2024)
    University of Maryland, Baltimore County

  2. Donna Eastman (2018)
    Senior Executive Assistant to the President 

    Columbia College, Chicago

Academic Affairs

  1. Charlene Bermele (2003)
    Interim Dean,
    College of Nursing, Health Sciences and Business
    Loyola University, Chicago

  2. Indranil Ghosh (2008)
    Director, Graham School of Management
    Ph.D. in Economics
    Southern Methodist University

  3. Cynthia Grobmeier (2012)
    Director, Faculty Development
    Northern Illinois University

  4. John M. McDonald (1992)
    Interim Director, Robert and Mary Rita Murphy Stump Library
    M.A., Library and Information Science
    Dominican University

  5. Angela Pirlott (2015)
    Interim Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Education
    Ph.D. in Social Psychology
    Arizona State University

  6. Saib Othman (2022)
    Ph.D. in Mathematics
    University of Iowa

Business and Finance 

  1. Cynthia J. Coleman (1998)
    Associate Director, Human Resources
    BBA in Marketing
    Saint Xavier University

  2. Julie Cupp (2019)
    Director, Financial Planning and Analysis
    B.S. in Accounting
    University of Illinois, Chicago

  3. Kate Fitzgerald (2000)
    Manager, Mail Box

  4. Brian Goebel (2010)
    Executive Director, IT Network and Infrastructure Services
    MBA in Management
    Saint Xavier University

  5. Gerry Horan (2018)
    Director, Human Resources
    Master of Human Resource Management
    Keller Graduate School of Management

  6. Yvonne Huels (1997)
    Manager, Print Services
    B.A. in Psychology
    Saint Xavier University

  7. Molly E. Maley Gaik (1999)
    Chief Information Officer
    MBA, Information Systems Concentration
    Keller Graduate School of Management

  8. Leah Moore (2005)
    Assistant Director,
    Facilities Management
    B.A. in Liberal Studies
    Saint Xavier University

  9. Linda Moreno (1996)
    Director, Auxiliary Services
    MBA in Service Management
    Saint Xavier University

  10. Rola Othman (2005)
    Director, Client Services
    Information Technology
    Ed.D. in Higher Education and Organizational Change
    Benedictine University

  11. Peter Skach (2009)
    Director, Facilities
    B.A. in Communication Design
    University of Illinois at Chicago

  12. Jill Wisch (2009)
    Controller, Accounting
    M.S. in Accounting
    Governors State University


  1. Ken Alston (2022)
    Athletics Director
    M.A. in Sports and Fitness Administration
    Grambling State University

  2. Debra Buczkiewicz (2008)
    Director, Enrollment Operations
    B.A. in French
    Elmhurst College

  3. Elena Carrillo (2008)
    Director, Academic Planning
    Records and Registration
    MBA in Management
    Saint Xavier University

  4. Laura Carrillo (2004)
    Associate Director, Financial Aid
    B.S. in Elementary Education
    Saint Xavier University

  5. Brian Condon (2006)
    Associate Director, Graduate Requirement
    M.A. in Education
    Saint Xavier University

  6. Ellen Cyrier (2021)
    Associate Director, Undergraduate Admission
    and Recruitment Communications
    Master of Education in Educational Leadership
    Northern Arizona University

  7. Gricelda Gonzalez (2008)
    Assistant Director, Records and Registration
    B.A. in Liberal Studies
    Saint Xavier University

  8. Jacqueline Griffin (2004)
    Associate Director, Financial Aid
    MBA in Financial Planning
    Saint Xavier University

  9. Brian Hotzfield (2002)
    Vice President, Enrollment
    MBA in Project Management
    Saint Xavier University

  10. Kathleen Jacobs (2020)
    Assistant Director, Financial Aid
    University of Illinois

  11. Eileen Luce (2000)
    Director, Transfer Student Services Center
    MBA in Service Management
    Saint Xavier University

  12. Colleen Maloney (2022)
    Assistant Director, Transfer Student Services Center
    MLS, Master of Library Science
    Indiana University

  13. Margaret Rehfeld (1991)
    Executive Director, Records and Registration
    MBA in Management
    Saint Xavier University

  14. Susan Swisher (1994)
    Executive Director, Financial Aid
    B.A. in Psychology
    University of Iowa

  15. Michael Usher (2022)
    Assistant Vice President, Enrollment
    MBA in Entrepreneurship
    Loyola University Chicago

Institutional Research

  1. Jorge Arévalo (2008)
    Director, Institutional Effectiveness
    MBA in Marketing
    Southern Illinois University

  2. Kathleen Carlson (1997)
    Executive Director, Institutional Research/Special Assistant to the President
    Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology
    Loyola University of Chicago

  3. Carmel Horan (2001)
    Deputy Director, Institutional Research
    BBA in Finance
    Loyola University of Chicago

  4. Timothy Ritchie (2014)
    Coordinator, Education Quality and Assessment
    Ph.D. in Social and Organizational Psychology

    Northern Illinois University

Mission and Heritage

  1. Jenny DeVivo (2019)
    Executive Director, Mission and Heritage
    Ph.D. in New Testament and Early Christianity (Theology)
    Loyola University, Chicago

  2. Karen Soos (2023)
    Assistant Director, Campus Ministry
    Catholic Theological Union

  3. Br. Alberto Varona (2023)
    Director, Campus Ministry
    Catholic Theological Union

Student Life

  1. Mercedes Amador (2024)
    Executive Director, Student Development
    M.Ed., Higher Education and Postsecondary Education
    Arizona State University

  2. Daniel Murphy
    Chief of Police

  3. Keith O'Neill (2021)
    Dean of Students
    Title IX Coordinator
    Ph.D., Higher Education Administration
    Bowling Green State University

  4. Katy Thompson (1999)
    Vice President, Student Life
    M.A. in General Education
    Saint Xavier University

  5. Isaac Torres (2022)
    Housing Operations Specialist
    B.A. in Marketing and Management
    Saint Xavier University

  6. Keiana Winters (2021)
    Director, Counseling Center
    Ph.D., Clinical Education and Supervision
    Capella University

Student Success and Inclusion

  1. Joshua Bogaski-Baugh (2017)
    Executive Director, Student Success
    M.S. Ed. in Higher Education
    Southern Illinois University

  2. Alison Chandler (2020)
    Assistant Vice President, Student Success
    M.A. in Educational Psychology and Counselor Education
    Tennessee Tech University

  3. ChrisTina Edwards (2021)
    Director, TRIO
    M.Ed. in Educational Leadership
    DePaul University

  4. Kelly Fox Reidy (2013)
    Director, Center for International Education
    B.A. in English
    Western Michigan University

  5. Manal Kanaan (2014)
    Director, High Impact Practices
    Ed.D. in Leadership, Learning and Stewardship
    University of St. Francis

  6. Peter Kreten (2008)
    Director, Student Media
    M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction
    Saint Xavier University

  7. Imelda Macías (2015)
    Assistant Vice President, Inclusive Excellence and HSI
    MBA in Marketing and Internet and Social Media Marketing
    Saint Xavier University

  8. Camila Márquez (2022)
    Associate Director, Multicultural Training and Development
    M.A., Law and Diplomacy
    Tufts University

  9. Margaret Rose McDonnell (2008)
    Center for Accessibility Resources
    M.A. in Education
    Saint Xavier University

  10. Joanna Nemeh (2004)
    Executive Director, Academic Student Support
    Ph.D., Committee on Jewish Studies
    University of Chicago

  11. Natalie Page (2022)
    Vice President, Success and Inclusion
    Ed.D. in Education
    Northern Illinois University

University Advancement

  1. Diego Aleman Santiaguillo (2023)
    Alumni Fund/Alumni Director
    M.A., Student Development
    Northeastern Illinois University

  2. Jeanmarie Cusack (2005)
    Director, Alumni Relations
    B.A., Social Science/Sociology
    Saint Xavier University

  3. Adriana Moreno (2022)
    Database and Research Manager
    B.A., Theology
    Spring Hill College

University Relations

  1. Brian Bartelment (2015)
    Assistant Director, Digital Marketing
    B.A. in English
    Saint Xavier University

  2. Maggie Bresnahan (2022)
    Media Coordinator
    B.A. in Communications
    Saint Xavier University

  3. Anthony Cardinal Jr. (2024)
    B.A. in English, Rhetoric and Writing
    Saint Xavier University

  4. Jacob Culp (2023)
    Digital Marketing Specialist
    M.A., Digital Humanities
    Concordia University Ann Arbor

  5. Michael Grimm (2008)
    Associate Director, Production Services
    B.A. in Communications and Studio Art
    Saint Xavier University

  6. Chris Hulbert (2014)
    Graphics and Web Designer
    for Special Projects
    Bachelor of Fine Arts
    Illinois State University

  7. Sylvia Lambert (2023)
    Multimedia Specialist

  8. Izla Olson (2020)
    Marketing Technology Manager
    BBA in Marketing
    Saint Xavier University

  9. Deb Rapacz (2009)
    Vice President,
    Marketing and Communications
    M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications
    Northwestern University

  10. Nicole Reitz (2022)
    Content Specialist
    B.A. in Journalism
    Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

  11. Laura Richardella (2014)
    Marketing Communications Manager
    B.A. in Communications
    Saint Xavier University

  12. Jose Tinajero (2023)
    Digital Coordinator
    B.A. in Communication
    Saint Xavier University

  13. Alejandra Torres (2002)
    Senior Graphic/Web Designer
    B.A. in Journalism
    Saint Xavier University

  14. Breeanna Villalpando (2019)
    Director, Marketing and Communications Projects
    M.A. in Professional Writing
    Chatham University

  15. Maggie Warrington (2021)
    Project Manager
    B.A. in Journalism Studies
    London Metropolitan University