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Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus Residence Halls

Drop-Add/Withdrawal Policies

  1. A student who wishes to add or drop a class must do so either in the Office of Records and Registration (A-203) or online through Self-Service. Students are directed to retain a copy of all online (Self-Service) transactions for their records. A student may withdraw from a course without academic penalty until the 3/4 point of the semester or term (dates to be determined and published on Self-Service each semester by the Office of Records and Registration). It is the student's responsibility to take all action necessary to withdraw from a class. A grade of W will appear on the record for any withdrawal from a class after the institutional refund date.

    The University does not refund tuition for students who have failed to drop courses during the prescribed time period. Students who seek a tuition refund must submit a written request and meet with the Executive Director of Records and Registration Services. Students requesting a refund must be current with financial obligations to the University at the close of the term prior to the refund request. A University committee will review the circumstances surrounding the request and notify the student, in writing, of the result. All decisions are final. For students using U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs educational benefits, if your withdrawal results in an overpayment, you will need to work with the Office of Student Accounts/Office of Financial Aid to pay any outstanding balance for tuition and fees.
  2. After the first week of a section, a student must have the instructor's signature to add a class. The last day a student may register for any course that has already begun will coincide with the last day to drop a course and receive a full refund.
  3. Resident students must formally withdraw from housing when leaving permanently either in the Office of Residence Life or by completing the Housing Withdrawal Form on Self-Service.