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Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus Residence Halls

Secondary Education Program

The Secondary Education Program prepares candidates to teach in grades 9-12 or PK-12. Saint Xavier University is approved to offer secondary education for the following content areas:

  • Art: PK-12
  • Biology: 9-12
  • English: 9-12
  • Mathematics: 9-12
  • Social Science: 9-12
  • Music: PK-12
  • Spanish: PK-12

Students will have two majors: the content area major (e.g. Art, Biology, English, Mathematics, Social Science, Music, and Spanish) and Education Specialization major.

General Education

The program requires successful completion of general education courses, professional education courses and core courses.

All majors consist of a minimum of 32 credit hours in that subject area, and requirements are determined by the departments in the College of Arts and Sciences. Appropriate majors include the following: Art, Biology, English, Mathematics and Social Science. Art, Spanish and Music Education programs lead to a PK-12 licensure and have specific requirements in the major for program completion.

Required Professional Education Courses

Level 1:

  • EDU 200: The Profession of Teaching (3)
  • EDUL 200: Education Orientation (0)
  • EDU 202: Educational Psychology (3)
  • EDU 323: Survey of Students with Exceptionalities (3)
  • EDU 377: Historical and Social Trends in American Schooling (3)
  • PSYCH 205: Child Growth and Development (3)

Level 2:

  • EDU 370: Principles and Practices of the Middle and Secondary Schools (3)
  • EDU 371-378: Methods of Teaching (major) in the Middle and Secondary School (3)
  • EDU 397: Literacy Instruction for Secondary Teachers (not required for Secondary English majors) (3)

Level 3: *

  • EDU 345: Seminar in Teaching and Learning (3)
  • EDU 349 OR EDU 352: Directed Teaching-Secondary/K-12 (9)

*Enrollment requires passing Educators Symposium and appropriate ILTS content exam.

Requirements in this program are subject to change within the time span of one's University career due to changing requirements at national, state and local levels.

Secondary Level Endorsements

Candidates may acquire additional secondary level endorsements for teaching other subjects in Grades 9-12. Please see the current Illinois Licensure, Endorsement, and Approval Requirements document at the IBSE website.

Requirements for Degree

Candidates in a secondary or K-12 education program should major in an appropriate subject area. All majors consist of a minimum of 32 credit hours, and major requirements are determined by the departments in the College of Arts and Sciences. In addition, candidates complete required education courses, the University core and Illinois licensure requirements.